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Actor Choi Min Soo declares he doesn't like singer-turned-actors, and netizens agree

By Pakman   Thursday, October 23, 2014   178,352   6,335   0



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On October 23, actor Choi Min Soo surprised his fellow co-stars when he bluntly expressed his opinions about singer-turned-actors at the press conference for MBC drama 'Pride and Prejudice.'

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During the conference, co-star and 5urprise member Lee Tae Hwan announced that he would be debuting an album with the rest of the 5urprise members soon while filming for the drama. He asked for his fans to support and to watch over him.

Lee Tae Hwan was soon embarrassed and surprised, however, when Choi Min Soo stepped up to say, "I don't like actors who were originally singers."

He continued, "I don't like the idea of dogs and cows and everyone acting. I don't like it when actors do two projects at the same time either." He added, "Tae Hwan needs to know it's a relief that I first met him as an actor on set," suggesting things may have been different between the two if Choi Min Soo had known from the beginning Lee Tae Hwan was also a singer.

Netizens mostly agreed with Choi Min Soo's statement with top comments saying, "If they're good at singing and acting like Lim Chang Jung, then it's okay, but I don't like seeing people who can't do either at all receiving lead roles from their companies," "Idols, I beg of you, don't act," and, "He's right; some people take a year to get a lead role while others wait eight years.

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Sheng_Yang3 Thursday, August 20, 2015

He's so negative

tickle7 Wednesday, November 5, 2014

his lineage and actingportfolio gives him every right to speak this truth

K_pop_rocker Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What a total dick move, not all idols are bad at acting but he just ignored that. He's a bitter and disrespectful asshole. And way to embarrass your co-star after he mentioned his groups' comeback. I hate people that act like they're better than others.

livetolove Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I do agree that a lot of singers turned actors can't really act well, but he didn't acknowledge the fact that there are singers turned actors that have amazing acting skills like Lee Joon, Yoona, IU, etc. That was really rude though saying that when his co-star was in the room. He didn't even consider that he might feel hurt by his words?

koreanyen Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I agree with you but I beg to dffer about Yoona having an amazing acting skills, just no. my opinion. :)

BBWinnerXO Monday, October 27, 2014

So... I can kind of agree to this, but not fully. so people who are just bashing on him just calm down. ok, so lately, on dramas and movies, you will see at least one idol in it... like seriously... that shows alot, that many of the idols are working as actors, and performing in dramas and movies. however just because they're in a film, doesnt necessarily mean they are good. (I'm sorry but some are just... no.... just they cannot act but there are some who are even better than actors) he has stated some harsh comments, and announced it in front of the 'person' which i think everybody believes it is rude. i think so too. but, i believe he was just trying to say that too many idols are acting, that the people who actually major in acting (like it is their number one preference for their career unlike idols) are losing their jobs. yes yes, there are actors who do sing, but does that reach to the number of idols who are acting? really, cmon now, lets be more realistic here even if your favourite idol is acting. im not trying to defend this man, or the other side, i think that he was just trying to state that, it has started to become a problem for people who are acting and an idol. i just tried to let out a point, cuz so many people are hating on him so much and i thought some were just going a bit too emotionally. im sorry if i offended any of you in any way.

iamaminion Sunday, October 26, 2014

what a douche way to embarrassed somebody in front of you. that is harsh. in front of everyone! come on, everybody have dreams. especially to those idol-turned-actors. they want to be what they dream to be. is that wrong? ;

lexirangsy2000 Sunday, October 26, 2014

I get where he's coming from, but that was kind of a douche move. Especially since the guy was right there in the room with him, he didn't even slyly throw shade. As much as I too despise singer turned actors, he could have tried not to be a dick about it. ;

Now for my opinion, don't mind me much, just speaking my thoughts. It bugs me when the idol can't sing in the first place then gets casted in a drama when the truth is they can't act either. Makes me wonder how they even got into that company, but then I remember Kpop is made up of 80% looks and 20% talent. Sure, I'm a fan of lots of groups but I know that some of the members from them can't sing for shit.

cassiecassie Sunday, October 26, 2014

just following up on the latter part of your comment, if you watch My Lovely Girl there's Dani from T-ara there, and from a totally unbiased viewpoint of mine I can say it's obvious she can't either sing or act, but the funny thing is that in the drama, she has the role of an idol wannabe who can't sing =)) which is so ironic and funny to me that she actually accepts that role :))

ohsoshay Sunday, October 26, 2014

he didn't have to be rude about it and embarrass the guy. I agree there are some idols that can't act and don't deserve the leading role but there are some really good ones out there that is talented in both. ;

murhokpl Saturday, October 25, 2014

I will repeat myself this is one bitter ass condescending asshole. Being an incredible actor does not give you an excuse to embarrass a fellow actor like that. Yes MOST idols are bad actors and do not deserve their roles. However there are a few good ones in the field (something he failed to mention). He could have also shared his though during a private interview instead of the way he did it. The fact that he is old and has Barely worked on anything is not because idols are given all the good roles but because he has a temper and a bad attitude. Something I'm sad to see he hasn't resolved. A leopard can't change his spots I guess.

hellocam Sunday, October 26, 2014

exactly! he is plain RUDE. i don't care if he is a veteran actor but embarrassing your co-star in front of an audience is uncalled for and disrespectful. and yes he should've expressed his opinion in a solo interview rather than when they're promoting the show together. No matter how you look at it he's just a douche bag.

buklau Sunday, October 26, 2014

"if they're good at singing and acting like Lim Chang Jung, then it's okay" idk if that is failing to mention that he doesnt recognize some singers as being good actors.

murhokpl Sunday, October 26, 2014

@buklau That statement came from netizens not Choi Min Soo. He said " I don't like the idea of dogs and cows and everyone acting" then he said that "lim Chang Jung was lucky he me him as an actor on set". That is completely not recognizing that some idol actors are good actors.

yjyjm5 Saturday, October 25, 2014

I can understand his point. For those saying he is rude, I think he is merely stating his opinion as a passionate veteran actor with no intention of insulting. T o be honest, there ARE many idols who really can't act (most probably because they are not well trained in this area or they just have no talents in this area) but yet got lead roles simply because they are famous or come from big companies that can afford to get them a role. (And still get much praise for their awful acting by fans or 'critics') In this light, I can understand why he is pissed off. When so many talented actors have to work years to get the role.

On the other hand, I don't entirely agree with him much due to his generalisation. yes, some idols can't act. But there are definitely a handful that can act. To name a few, Lee Joon ( he starred in a movie before debut as mblaq and his acting in gapdong is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT), Lee Seung Gi (debut as a singer but has starred in numerous hit dramas with natural acting skills) and even Park Yoo Chun (debuted as dbsk now in JYJ but has a few dramas that ;has shown his acting skills).

The main thing is, Idols should be given an opportunity to prove themselves talented in this field as minor or supporting roles before they are evaluated if they are deserving of a lead.

murhokpl Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's not that what he said is wrong it's the way he said it. It is condescending and uncalled for. He could have expressed it during a solo interview or something. Here is a guy promoting his group and this rude ass throws his negative feelings into it.

hellocam Sunday, October 26, 2014

if that happened to you, how would you feel? i get it, most of the idols are really bad at acting and you said it yourself some idols should be given the chance to at least act. Choi Min Soo should not have said it when his co-star is around. He should have picked a proper time and place. The issue here is his rude / arrogant attitude towards his co-star.

yjyjm5 Sunday, October 26, 2014

@murhokpl I agree that his statement does come across as rude. But honestly when i read "Tae Hwan needs to know it's a relief that I first met him as an actor on set," I think he has no intention of insulting the poor guy but rather, just trying to put forth his opinion about idol actors (which I agreed its pretty much a generalisation and is not entirely true). In fact, after watching a few of his interview and variety shows, he is a pretty awkward person and that's why when I read the article I thought the way he said it was just him being awkward and brutally straightforward which come across as rude to people first hearing it. But while I believe he has no ill intentions towards his co-star, I agree with you that it was not very sensitive for him to say that when taehwan was around:)

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