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Posted by Pakman Wednesday, September 10, 2014

'Kimchi slap' victim Won Ki Joon shares his pain on 'Radio Star'

Remember the "kimchi slap" that went viral throughout Korea? Well actor Won Ki Joon, victim of that ahjumma-powered kimchi slap, recently shared what it was like experiencing the viral sensation first hand on the September 10 broadcast of MBC's 'Radio Star'.

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The "kimchi slap" took place on MBC's morning drama 'Everybody, Kimchi!' during a scene between cast member Lee Hyo Choon (the slapper) and Won Ki Joon (the slappee). On when asked about the condition of the kimchi, Won Ki Joon stated, "The kimchi was 3 months old. Can you imagine how rotten it was?"

Not only did the poor actor get a handful of rotten kimchi in his face, Won Ki Joon mentions that the kimchi was also extremely juicy, as Lee Hyo Choon spent extra time making sure the vegetable was all soaked up before letting him have it. When he asked his fellow actor why she would do that, Lee Hyo Choon said that she wanted to make the slap good, as they only had one take to get it right.

Unfortunately for Won Ki Joon, one "kimchi slap" was enough to make him suffer for the rest of the day, as he states, "I got chili powder in my eyes, nose, ears. [As a result,] I got a severe headache later that night."

Upon hearing this, Kim Gu Ra chuckles under his breath, "What do you mean you got a headache," unable to understand how that could happen. Yet Won Ki Joon is quick to retort with a, "You've never been kimchi-slapped have you," before looking around asking the production crew if they had some kimchi to spare. 

Sounds like Won Ki Joon is still sore after the month-old "kimchi slap" trauma. Regardless, his moment of suffering made for an unexpectedly hilarious scene. Here's the clip again for a refresher, check it out!

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