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Segye Ilbo claims amphetamine sent to Park Bom were disguised among jelly and snacks + her age being questioned

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There seems to be never a quiet day lately as another report has surfaced regarding Park Bom's amphetamine incident 4 years back. It is now being brought up that the drugs were seemingly disguised as they were put inside a small box, labeled 'jelly', with jelly and snacks. This is now raising suspicion that Bom may have been aware that the drugs were illegal in Korea.

Segye Ilbo report broke the news and it is currently one of the headlining stories on portal sites. According to the media outlet, the box with the drug was labeled 'jelly' on the wrapping outside. When it arrived at the airport, it was discovered by customs to contain the drugs, which are considered narcotics in Korea. Having found this out, the prosecution and customs staff went into 'controlled delivery' to arrest the receiver (Controlled delivery is a technique that the government utilizes to covertly track a package containing the controlled substance in order to catch the receiver in the act of receiving it). The package was delivered on October 18 2010 to Park Bom's grandmother's house.

The investigators arrived at the scene that day late at night, but learned that the package was no longer there and that the intended receiver was someone else as well. Her grandmother had already given the package to her daughter (Bom's mother). While questioning her, the grandmother revealed, "The content contained inside the package is a jelly-shaped snack. It's for my daughter (Bom's mother)'s diet purposes."

The investigators then headed to Bom's mother's house but the package was not there either. They learned that it was at Bom's dorm and was able to collect the amphetamine, and the case was registered by the prosecution on the 19th in 2010.

With this report, Segye says that the drug having been supposedly disguised as a snack package points to two things. One is that this indicates a possibility that Bom knew that the drug was illegal in Korea and that she could have thus possibly had the amphetamine hidden among snacks that had a similar shape or appearance. The other is that if this is true and that it was for diet purposes like her grandmother had mentioned to the prosecution, then the prosecution who had said that the case was cleared because they learned it was for treatment purposes had not been telling the truth.

When a psychiatrist was asked about this, he/she said, "Amphetamine suppresses appetite so because of this, those who sell narcotics will try to persuade buyers by telling them 'if you take this, you'll lose weight'."The psychiatrist also explained, "Due to its side effects, amphetamine is used for limited treatment purposes even in the U.S., it is not something that can be commonly taken."

All this attention on this issue has also once again brought about rumors of Park Bom having possibly lied about her age with media outlets like TVDaily and Star Today bringing this up. She was suspected of this in the past by netizens but with the surfacing of the American newspaper reports about Bom, her soccer team, and the death of a soccer player, the issue has come up once again.

Park Bom is currently listed as born in March 24th, 1984, making her current age 30 (31, in Korea). However, after the American newspaper articles that have surfaced, netizens have pointed out that 'Jenny Park' (reportedly Park Bom's name used in the States) is listed as a 'sophomore' in the year of 1998. As sophomores in the U.S. are usually around 15-16, some are saying that Bom may have been born earlier than 1984. In addition, netizens had allegedly dug up a trainee video in the past that had mentioned Park Bom was age 25 on November 22nd, 2007. That would make her older than she is listed. There are allegedly other interviews saying she first met Yang Hyun Suk in 2002 and started her trainee period after she came back to Korea, and that the timing and her age does not match up.

With the sudden breaking of these reports, there is so far no word from the agency yet. Stay tuned for updates.

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