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Posted by joy_k1 pt Saturday, May 3, 2014

5 Accessories That Made the Choreography

B1A4, Big Bang, EXO, Girl

Intricate, catchy choreography is what makes K-pop live performances so enjoyable to watch.  In most cases, stage outfits are coordinated to sync with the song and support the choreography--consequently, we see many unique accessories utilized within K-pop stage outfits.  On that note, here is a list of 5 popular songs in which a single staple accessory highlighted (and made) the choreography! 

Girl's Day- Expectation (SUSPENDERS)

The suspenders look is always trendy, and we're seeing more idols (and non-idols) rock this look.  Heck, even I own a pair of suspenders.  We've recently seen EXO wear them for "Christmas Day," and most notably KARA during their "Mister" promotions.  Although the look of the suspenders on KARA is easily my favorite (it's a classic stage outfit), I love how Girl's Day incorporates them into their choreography, making them cute and functional.  The dance just wouldn't be the same without the suspender straps to hold onto. 

B1A4- Lonely (SCARVES)

"Lonely" is one of my favorite songs of 2014 thus far, and I love the choreography, as well.  This is not the first time we've seen scarves incorporated into stage outfits and choreography (heck, Big Bang has even made jackets out of scarves), but no one quite incorporates them like B1A4—the choreography wouldn't be the same if the "tying" motion were done with an air scarf.  In addition, the worry of a fangirl that one member may not be able to catch his scarf is always thrilling. 

Girls' Generation - Paparazzi (GLOVES)


So, this may be a J-pop song, but I'm still counting it.  The pink "rubber" gloves that Girls' Generation wore for their "Paparazzi" promotions definitely stood out.  Now, whether you liked them or not is a different question (even member Tiffany has expressed her discontent with the accessory).  Although I'm not a huge fan of the gloves myself, I do think they add a nice touch to the dance by highlighting the in-sync arm movements of all nine members. 

T-ara- Bo Peep Bo Peep (PAWS)

The choreography for "Bo Peep Bo Peep" is ridiculously catchy—it's cute and easy, making it a karaoke staple for all girls who wish to display some aegyo.  Many idols accessorize with cat and bunny ears and groups love performing special stages in animal onesies at concerts, but no one quite pulls off this trend as well as T-ara. The cat paws add just the perfect extra sprinkle of aegyo, making this track and dance a K-pop classic. 

Crayon Pop- Bar Bar Bar (HELMETS)

The helmets Crayon Pop wore for "Bar Bar Bar" weren't only their trademark accessory for their hit single, but for the group in general.  They even wore them to award ceremonies!  The helmets grabbed everyone's attention (and was an easy DIY Halloween costume) and were just the right amount of cute paired with ridiculous. 

And that rounds out my list.  Can you think of any more that I missed? Comment below! 

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