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Hollywood movie 'Avengers 2' to possibly film in South Korea + feature a Korean actress as a villain

Han Ye Seul, Kim Min Jung, Kim So Yeon

Rumors had been spreading recently that the Hollywood blockbuster superhero movie 'Avengers 2: Age of Ultron' would be filming a segment of the movie in Korea.  While actor Mark Ruffalo (Incredible Hulk) responded to this rumor on Twitter by saying, "No plan at this moment for Avengers to Shoot in Korea, but the Marvel universe is big" on January 19, multiple movie representatives claimed that this was true on January 20.

The reps said that about 10 to 15 minutes of the 'Avengers 2' movie will feature Korea with filming to take place in Gangnam and Gyeonggi-do.  Among the fiercely competitive movie enterprises in Korea, one was chosen to be in charge and will provide a team with the best Korean staff members at its core.  

The original online community that posted this rumor also said that there was one villain who could be played by a Korean actress, possibly Kim So Yeon, Han Ye Seul, or Kim Min Jung.  

The first Avengers movie did very well in Korea grossing over $50 million and Iron Man 3 also did really well as Korea was the third highest-grossing nation in the box office bringing in $64 million.

Allegedly, filming in Korea will begin sometime in April.  The movie is planning to be released in May, 2015!  Stay tuned for updates.

  1. Han Ye Seul
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