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miss A wins #1 + Performances from SBS 'Inkigayo's Nov. 17th episode

By neefa   Sunday, November 17, 2013   89,990   2,414   226



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This week there are more fantastic stages, eclectic sounds, and excitement on today's episode of SBSInkigayo! Joining us will be entertaining hosts ZE:A's KwangheeLee Hyun Woo, and Girl's Day's Minah.  

On this episode, vocal duo, Davichi returned with "The Letter" and rookie solo NC.A came back with "Oh My God". In addition, trot-idol group LPG made their return to the Inkigayo stage with "Filial Daughters' Generation".

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As for the winners, the first place nominees were Big Bang's Taeyangmiss A, and Trouble Maker. In an extremely tight race, miss A came out on top taking home the mutizen.

Congratulations miss A!!

There were also plenty of other great stages. Performers for the night included: Taeyang, Trouble Maker, K.Will, Kahi, SHINee, A-JAX, Baek Seung Heon, Tae 1, MR.MR, TINT, N-SONIC, M.PireYoo Sung Eun, Untouchable, BESTieand BTS.

[Videos will be updated with better quality when & if they become available.]

Check out the performances below!


[PUBLIC SERVICE: Milk Song: Trouble Maker]  


[NEXT WEEK TEASER: F.T. Island, Huh Gak, 100% V, 100%V ]


[COMEBACK: Davichi - The Letter]

[COMEBACK: NC.A  - Oh My God]

[COMEBACK: LPG - Filial Daughters' Generation]


[FIRST-PLACE NOMINEE: Trouble Maker - NOW  (Did Not Perform)]


[FIRST-PLACE NOMINEE: Taeyang - Ringa Linga]



[WINNER: miss A ]


[SPECIAL STAGE: SHINee Goodbye Stage (1 Minute Back & Everybody)]

[SPECIAL STAGE: Kahi - Hey Boy]












[Tae 1]






[Yoo Sung Eun]




[Baek Seung Heon]




  1. 100% V
  2. A-JAX
  3. Big Bang
  4. Taeyang
  5. Davichi
  6. F.T. Island
  7. Girl's Day
  8. Minah
  9. miss A
  10. SHINee
  11. VIXX
  12. ZE:A
  13. Kwanghee
  14. K.Will
  15. Kahi
  16. Huh Gak
  17. Lee Hyun Woo
  18. (Bangtan Boys) BTS
  19. Untouchable
  20. N-SONIC
  21. MR.MR
  22. BESTie
  23. Yoo Sung Eun
  24. M.Pire
  25. NC.A
  26. NC.A
  27. LPG
  28. TINT
  29. Trouble Maker
  30. Tae 1
  31. Baek Seung Heon
  32. inkigayo

amberlynnlove Thursday, November 21, 2013

Go vote for BTS for the 2013 MAMA awards. They're up for best male rookie, but they're losing /:

hannacorsino Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm excited for VIXX and 100%V already...

therefleks78 Monday, November 18, 2013

Such a boring song. Music is bad too. I don't know how they won. All the guys just wanted to see Suzy in a skimpy outfit, maybe?

NowNoon Monday, November 18, 2013

AKP . the website that feels it must report all news forgot to report this: ;

just helping AKP report ALL THE NEWS

say_a_indonesia Monday, November 18, 2013

miss A jjang !!!

weirdchubbygirl Monday, November 18, 2013

Congrats, Miss A<3

i_am_fangirl Sunday, November 17, 2013

K-media outlets preparing ~$1 million lawsuit against allkpop for copyright infringement, according to reports

katyhuzka Sunday, November 17, 2013

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dj_oko (Banned) Sunday, November 17, 2013

congrats Miss A

sthephen.chandra Sunday, November 17, 2013

say-A.. please help me to follow the instruction below...

[Gaon Social Chart & Inkigayo Chart #미쓰에이 #HUSH] To help miss A on SNS Charts remember to:

-Continue watching miss A's official "Hush" MV on YouTube. Comment, like, add to favorites and share the MV through the social media buttons on the "Share" tab on the video page, under the video player.
(MV views also count 10% on Music Core by clicking the "영상보기" button beside the artist on the voting page

-Tweet about miss A's "Hush". Use the hashtags #missA and #HUSH, or #미쓰에이 and #허쉬, or #missA and #허쉬, or #미쓰에이 and #HUSH. Retweet, favorite and reply to AQE's and miss A members' tweets.

-Comment, share and like AQE's and JYP's post about miss A on Facebook. Post about miss A's "Hush" on Facebook and use the hashtags as well.

-Make a me2day account, if you don't have one yet, and post about miss A's "Hush", comment and favorite other posts. (me2day service will be terminated on June 30, 2014 but until then it still counts towards SNS charts)

-Make an account on Gaon Chart. Go to the Gaon Social Chart and click on miss A's "Social Plus Music" button. Watch miss A's MV directly from miss A's Social Plus Music. Let the MV play from start to finish, 1 point will be added to miss A's Social Plus Count. Connect your SNS accounts by clicking the SNS buttons and clicking on the comment box (A pop-up will appear to connect the corresponding SNS account). After connecting your account(s) post about miss A's "Hush" directly from miss A's Social Plus Music, 1 point will be added for each comment/post.

*All of this will be counted towards Gaon Chart's Social Chart which counts 35% on Inkigayo Chart. Gaon Social Chart collects data from Sunday to Saturday.

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