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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon says goodbye to her longtime radio home, 'Chin Chin Radio'


The long-running MBC radio program 'Good Friend Radio' ('Chin Chin Radio') recently broadcast its final episode. Although the show went through numerous hosts, one of its most memorable was none other than Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, who led the show for two years before leaving in April 2010

Although it's been more than three years, Taeyeon hasn't forgotten about the program -- in fact, she came on the show's last episode, thanking the show for the memories.

"To the Chin Chin sunbaenims, this is former host Taeyeon, nice to meet you," she began. "I haven't listened to the show lately, since I was working so hard on my new album."

"I still remember all of the texts that came in and all the staff members, and especially the mistakes that came as part of a live broadcast," she said.

"To me, Chin Chin is a very special thing that I want to go back to," she concluded. "I'm very sad at hearing that it was coming to an end."

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Listen to her whole speech below:


Also, to commemorate Taeyeon's 'Chin Chin Radio' run, here's an adorable video featuring Taeyeon in her radio hosting days:


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