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EXO fans banned from having fandom access at SBS 'Inkigayo'

By jennywill   Monday, August 5, 2013   145,689   2,231   0



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EXO fans are now officially banned from having fandom access at SBS' 'Inkigayo'.

SM Entertainment relayed the bad news to EXO fans through EXO's official board, saying,

The live broadcast on August 4th will air the pre-recording on August 1st, and EXO is also planning to stand on the live broadcast stage. 

Usually, even after the pre-recording, if there is a live stage, there would be fanclub tickets, but starting this week, we have been told that EXO fans will not be admitted as a fanclub for both pre-recordings and live shows. 

This is because even though fans were asked to stop jaywalking and were asked to follow the security and staff orders, dangerous actions such as jaywalking, taking over the streets, and chasing the artists' and causing others to frown upon those who were holding the EXO cheer equipment continued. 

There are already multiple complaints at the public office and at the police station. 

It is not just 'Inkigayo'. Every time at other music shows, EXO fans would not respond to staff instructions during entering, leaving, and recording. Fans also took photos and recorded videos [even though it's not allowed] during recording, and after the recording, fans would jump into the road to wait and run after the car. Even though EXO fans have received many penalties such as being denied access to the recording or having the number limited, we are disappointed because the fans' actions have not changed.

For the fans who are attending other broadcast recordings, not only as the fanclub but also as a regular audience members, if you have come to cheer on EXO, please follow the station's rules. In the future, please follow the staff's instructions no matter what.

We once again ask for the fans' active cooperation, so that we do not have to say this again in the next announcement. Thank you.

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Fanclubs get access first inside the station and they get the closest seats or the access to the standing area, so if EXO fans are banned from the fanclub area, this means they'll have to watch EXO from the seats further back - and also that EXO won't get to see their fans up close.

What do you think about what happened?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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rochellebernard Monday, February 2, 2015

Hilarious! ;

Lol, Exo must be so disappointed and upset with their fans. XD

mrr Friday, April 25, 2014

Some people need to get their shit together.

ayana_blaine Sunday, March 16, 2014

So we're being punished because of some of EXO's crazy ass jaywalking fans. Really?

exo_blut Monday, December 16, 2013

these fucking fan is should stop begain like this. i am so piss off ;after reading this even if i never see exo in real life i am fine with that but because of these fans i feel ;

ilovekpopartists Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm disappointed in those fans...You all make us other fans look bad now...T^T We wanted to support EXO as well but not to the point of risking neither lives by stalking them 24/7... They're Human as well as we please, show them our love and support the proper way...

sara5_8kpop Monday, September 2, 2013

I feel bad for EXO because they love their fans but some fans abuse that love and do things that not only affect them but their idols too~ When they chase cars, they could cause a car accident and the members could get hurt and also them not following the rules, they are setting a very bad image for the group, because believe it or not, fans represent their groups and when Idols are at the top of their career, they take that back to us -and quote- "Because we have the greatest fans in the world"~ I would be a terrible fan if i embarrass my idol like that. So, please stop.

hanstar143 Sunday, August 25, 2013

I feel disappointed in the EXO fans who go crazy. I really love EXO and I would definitely want them to be able to perform on stage happily with seeing their fans in front of them in the audience. I also understand that EXO fans are typically middle school or high school girls, so they can be immature. However, if they are going to do some crazy things like following the members around, not following the rules, and doing dangerous things that can hurt EXO physically and/or mentally, I seriously think EXO has got to give up on those fans. I know they might get hated and have a decrease in their album sales, but those crazy fans have to learn how to respect.

AlyssaFunz Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm not a crazed fan of exo, but I would consider myself as a fan since I love them from the bottom of my heart. To be honest, before I liked them I promised myself I wouldn't become their fan, or to be an "exotic" as some people say, but I just loved them, still I didn't want to become a fan of them because one thing I noticed is that EXO fans are really rude, not all, but those who are rude really make their way, and gets more attention than the nice fans, bringing down the fandom. I wouldn't say only EXO fans are rude, but honestly pretty much most of SME fandoms, I have witnessed them bashing other groups personally and in the web. That's basically the whole reason why I have never been a fan of any SME though I really admit that the groups are talented, especially SHINee, but damn are shawols really irritating. I like plenty of groups, honestly only boy groups and 2ne1 as most of the other girl groups... are well... meh, I wouldn't want to hurt other fans feelings, anyways back to my point, with me liking other groups too, I watch plenty of videos, not only mvs, even their performances, interviews & variety shows, sure I may seem like a stalker when I said that, but it's just my way of showing support to them, since I liked those groups a bit too late and missed their concerts here in my country, so that's the only way I can show support and buy their albums... and I have. I have a copy of each CD they have in my country, and honestly only 1-3 of their cds are being sold there and the groups I like are BB, U-Kiss, 2PM, MBLAQ, B1A4 & EXO, as SME albums take up most of the space, some of those groups doesn't even have their albums in stores here in my country. ;

Anyways, some, no most of the things I said aren't related to the article, but anyways long story short, I'm trying to tell that there are more SME fans and the more there are the more ruckus happens, well not really since BB is probably the most famous boy group internationally but in Asia it's Suju.

The things I will say after this, are from an unbiased, but my point of view, my pov is really a teenage girl who reads almost every article of kpop that includes my favorite groups and SME groups or they just happened to be on the same page. And I have watched a lot of mvs of different kpop groups not only my fave, plus variety shows. I'll just be comparing fandoms:

VIP's are very quiet fans, very timid and knows how to truly support their idols, I don't even see VIP's commenting on other groups not even on BB's videos.... usually the comments of VIP are per member and say ------ so awesome here and other stuff like that, but I guess they don't have to defend their idols as I also rarely see anyone bashing BB, if they do get bashed only about their looks and all, which as a VIP, I admit that they aren't the best looking group out there, but they are ONE OF THE most talented and biggest group out there with the biggest fandom so it's pretty scary to try and bash them. They are very organized when it comes to an event, no stampedes or anything. KissMe's are known for being kind, well from my point of view, we don't add fuel to the fire, usually shawols are the one who bashes Ukiss, I don't know why but anyways, when SHAwols say something mean and bad to U-Kiss a Kissme defends them, and then the war starts... well just for a few replies, then another kissme an old or original one then stops everything and then we calm down even if the Shawols still attack, and I don't see Kissmes bashing other groups, nor comment on other groups, if they do comment on other groups usually they just say that "this group is so awesome, but not as much as ukiss" isn't pretty much of a bash but... yeah they're all pretty much nice and friendly and everyone agrees with each other and nice to other fandoms so they don't cause ruckus at all not even too much of screaming. ;Hottest, for some reason, I don't see much from hottests, not a single thing, only see them in 2PM videos saying "To all the hottest out there, let's make this video go up to----- views/ let's support 2pm by voting" And all other stuff like that, not any other single thing, when they get bashed, they get bashed they pretty much don't care, if they did they'll reply nicely with a simple nuh uh, and like try harder, since for them nothing can hurt them as they know who their idols are, they're all humans and they make mistakes nothing more nothing less, just the same with your idols. Their events of course, pretty normal. A same with hottests, just like that, no one bashes them like BB also. Don't know about their events though. BANAs now, they're just fans who's proud of B1A4, and nothing more nothing less, they don't get bashed, they don't bash, but they spread the word on how awesome B1A4 is. In they're events, nothing much, no pushing just screaming and very organized and lined up and all. I have seen live videos of their fanmeetings and in airports, really nice fans. Now Shawols, Elfs, Sones, Exotics... they are the fandoms I pretty much see most of the time I watch or read about other groups, to bash other groups. Not just bashes like "_____ is better than_____" but bashes like "______ is gay" "They f*ck each other" "_____ obviously had plastic surgery, she/he is ugly as shit before"(I found that irritating as plastic surgery is pretty common, and most SME idols had plastic surgery, plus when they state that an idol got plastic surgery, those are the idols that didn't have plastic surgery, so wrong info. and hurting other's feelings) and the other bashes are too..... I can't state them here, others are just like "they suck" "They aren't talented" "they're ugly" "they lipsync" which I don't really care about. Plus there was a kpop event here in my country and to be honest the stampede was cause by SME fandoms, they were all in a big bundle screaming and pushing... but on the other hand my country's kpop fans are much nicer than those in korea. Anyways, I have watched when SME groups were in the airport, live performances, fanmeetings/events and THEY ARE SERIOUSLY the most disorganized and caused the most ruckus, screaming until the end, pushing to get in the front, pulling hair even, that's why when it comes to live events, I don't wanna watch SME perform as you can't even hear them sing/talk because of the fans, but in other groups the fans are quiet and you can only hear the singing.talking of the idols and then the fan chants.... no other unecessary screaming....

So those SME fandoms who read this, don't kill me, as I'm just stating out my opinion, and I don't expect anyone to agree with me or even read this and understand this. ;You may think I hate SME groups, but to be honest the first group I liked was an SME group, but it all went away because of those fans... those fans... those fans... but like still I do like Exo right now, so you can't say that I'm an anti of SME... since you know Exo, I also love Key from SHINee... ;And I honestly I like... no I love all of SHINee's songs, but I can't get to like them because of this irritation I have for Taemin, but other than Taemin I really love everything in SHINee... JongKey, The dinosaur Jonghyun The frog prince Minho & The chicken-loving Onew. SOOOOOO long story short I wasn't biased in giving out my opinions and thoughts about these fandoms.... it was just from the way I see it and observe..... and I am a very observant person... or at least that's what I'm told....

Anyways to end this, I know I will be killed a lot more because I said I didn't like Taemin... or rather he's the person I like the least... well in SHINee I guess.... and to add fuel to the fire, I also like Kai the least... well in Exo-K.... maybe in all of Exo too? So go kill me.... you can't anyways :P ;

kzdlovesnsd Monday, August 12, 2013

Can't be bothered to read this essay

kellyyeohh Monday, August 12, 2013

Nobody really asked for your opinion which member you liked more but okay, this is the internet so there is freedom of speech. But damn girl, did you really have to type that long of a post? ;-;

ms_mia Monday, December 9, 2013

I don't think people who actually read this reached up to the number of EXO members minus Shinee members. Sorry for your wasted effort.

milktea_ Sunday, August 11, 2013

EXO is catered for high school girls and younger, and this age group is when hormones tend to take over everything, so they act so reckless, irrational, and crazy. Do I feel bad for them to be banned? Not really. But what about those fans with good manner and follows direction well? Yes I do feel bad for them.

heesicaxD Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's like fans on tumblr.... there are normal fans on tumblr with NORMAL username, and then there are exotics with names like "kaisdick," "sexkris," ..... yeah it's like their fans are 12 years old hormonal teenage girls with no sense of self respect.... it's pretty scary

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