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Henry, Soyu, and Gayoon talk about being the lesser known members of their groups on 'Happy Together 3'

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For fans of Super Junior, SISTAR, and 4minute, or those who just enjoy idol interaction, the latest episode of 'Happy Together 3' is probably a must see as the idols made sure to bring abundant laughter with their frank comments as well as brushing upon topics a bit more serious in nature.

This episode was centered around introducing the lesser known members of each of the three idol groups, so representing Henry was Kyuhyun, while Dasom introduced Soyu, and HyunA introduced Gayoon.

Kyuhyun, Dasom, and HyunA didn't hold back as they bragged about their fellow members and why they should be more recognized, and to confirm the hype, Henry played his violin and introduced himself in multiple languages while Soyu displayed her variety skills with her somewhat failed yet hilarious attempts at mimicking the voices of other celebrities. Gayoon, on the other hand, revealed that the reason she doesn't go on variety shows much is because she doesn't like being put on the spot and being requested to dance or show off a talent. 

Henry, Soyu, and Gayoon also spoke about some of the pain they've received due to being lesser known in the group than their fellow members. 

Soyu said, "Our group has done a lot of variety shows and it's been over 3 years since our debut so each member seems to have found their own niche. For programs focusing on vocal ability, Hyorin has made herself known as the main vocalist of the group. Bora started becoming known for her athleticism so she's done a lot of variety around that, and as for Dasom, she's picked up acting. So with three years having passed, when the agency asked me, 'Soyu, what do you want to do?', it's like, what can I even do now?" She also lightheartedly pointed out that MC Park Myung Soo kept forgetting her name on a radio program previously, calling her Dasom or Bora.

Gayoon revealed that she could relate, as she said, "There are times when I've been embarrassed before because when HyunA would come to the front, people would scream while they wouldn't when the other members would come out... However, I'm quite realistic so I think of it as an obvious thing now, but sometimes when the reaction is really severe, it does get to me a little."

Hearing Gayoon talk about her experience, Henry chimed in, "It was really severe for me. As you know, all the SuJu members are really famous, and I joined later. So when there were fan signings, all the members would sit in a row, and the fans would line up.  While the other members had an immense amount of people line up, my line had about maybe 10 or 20. So like how [Gayoon] was talking about the screaming when introducing members, for us, when the other members were being introduced, everyone would scream, but when I was introduced, it would just be quiet claps."

Although they might have gone through pained moments in the past, these members certainly made a name for themselves through this latest episode of the show as 'Happy Together 3' ranked #1 again, even jumping up 1.3% since last week to gain 8.6% in ratings.

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kelly_lee Thursday, July 25, 2013

thats so werid, I love Soyu the most in Sistar. Please don't hate me but i feel like Bora and Hyroin are always in front so i don't really like that and Soyu has an amazing voice which i love. Also i love Gayoon, she so pretty and with an amazing voice. who doesn't love them???

MusicAllDay Monday, July 8, 2013


triniblossom Monday, July 8, 2013

Wow....Gayoon is my favorite tho!

ramjetranch Saturday, July 6, 2013

I'd scream my head off if I ever saw Gayoon in person. She's fantastic !

xmeimeix Saturday, July 6, 2013

aw but its okay now! in Henry's case there are a lot more Strings and i hear ELFs cheer for him too! ;

animia Saturday, July 6, 2013

Soyu has always been my favorite in Sistar, it makes me sad that she's so underrated. It applies for Gayoon and Henry too, all of them are very talented. Good luck, guys! ^^

sakura288 Friday, July 5, 2013

That's how it is in groups, one or two people are more famous than the others.

toory Friday, July 5, 2013

Henry you have alot of fans *^* we all support you ..

Don't care about the " Only 13 " they're not true ELFs ><

Super Junior = 13 2 ELF = 1

lazy_panda Friday, July 5, 2013

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mimiviet Friday, July 5, 2013

Let's create an union !!! Yeah ;we love you !

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