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Posted by MountainMadman Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Core Contents Media says Ahreum's Instagram post was about her solo debut

T-ara, Ahreum
Previously, Ahreum announced that she would be departing T-ara for a solo debut. In the wake of this shocking news, one of her Instagram posts came under scrutiny for possibly having to do with her impending departure. The depressing post fueled rumors that all was not what it seemed in the halls of Core Contents Media.

If you recall, the post in question read, "I really have nothing to lose anymore.. I'm not even scared of death.. #First notice", leaving fans to question what message Ahreum was trying to convey .

However, a representative from the agency clarified that her post did not hide any overt meaning. "There are a lot of rumors about her post from last month," he said. "The post was about Ahreum and her wish to give everything she had for her upcoming solo debut, nothing more."

"I called after seeing the articles this morning," he continued. "She displayed some anxiousness at her intentions being taken the wrong way. We hope that her words are not twisted any further."

Another rep that was spoken with agreed, commenting, "It's being said that Ahreum's SNS post raises suspicions about the disgruntlement within the team, but if you see the video she left on the fan cafe, you'd see that there was nothing like that. She's doing her best to show you her new self so she's having a hard time with her posts being taken the wrong way. She also feels burdened receiving attention in this manner... So we ask that you do not exaggerate the meaning behind her SNS post."

Source: OSEN via Nate, Sports Chosun via Nate

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