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Kahi thinks UEE's at a risky stage right now while Lizzy and Nana are becoming more popular

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Kahi jokingly criticized fellow Pledis Entertainment label mate UEE.

She was a guest on the June 26 installment of 'Radio Star', and MC Kim Gu Ra asked her, "When you and UEE were featured in an endorsement for a water park, she was incredibly popular at that time. Right now, it's like you're (After School) slightly losing to SISTAR. But isn't UEE still doing pretty good?".


Kahi joked, "UEE's kind of at a risk right now", which made everyone else laugh. Kyuhyun asked, "She's already at risk?" and Kim Gu Ra asked, "She's over 25 now, right?", and Kahi and Kyuhyun said she was. Park Myung Soo pointed out, "There are so many young kids lately that you can't just win solely with your young age.

Kim Gu Ra then reminisced about last week's episode which Nana and Lizzy were on, and he said, "Those two are pretty popular now". Kahi admitted, "Lately, the most popular members in After School are the Orange Caramel members."

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