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Did JYJ's Junsu have an argument with another gamer on 'ArcheAge'?

JYJ, Junsu (XIA)

Fans are incredibly excited that they might have found JYJ's Junsu account on an online game.


The user 'Moohwal' is famous in the 'ArcheAgeMMORPG community because his account has all the incredibly rare and elite items. Items you can buy which cost a lot in real life money and even the best items you can't buy with money and have to earn. Of course, with just that information, no one could tell who really is 'Moohwal' - but JYJ fans think that the famous gamer is Junsu. Why? Well, it all started with an argument he had with another user in the game. 


The user 'Moohwal' said that he's making a lot of money and that he owned a Lamborghini Aventador worth over $700,000. He also stated that he owned an Audi R8, a Bentley Diamond Flying Spur, a Rolls Royce Ghost, and other expensive cars. The user even stated that he had a big yacht docked in Busan. However, of course it's hard to believe what a gamer says online, and no one really believed anything he said. 


So 'Moohwal' decided to provide proof pictures and uploaded photos under the title "Miracle (another game user), look" and "Kids, why can't you believe me?". The photos showed the inside of a Bentley as well as the outside of a blue Lamborghini Aventador. To prove himself, he wrote a note, "Moohwal. Bentley Diamond Flying Spur. Is this good enough, Miracle?".


He also wrote, "We're users and people, like all of you. If you keep getting bothered, wouldn't you feel weird, log in and even curse? You do the same thing, don't you? We're not that bad that we have to be cursed by you. Can't you think that you made us change like this?"


How did fans know it was Junsu? Well, because there's apparently only one blue Lamborghini Aventador in Korea, and it belongs to none other than Junsu! Not just that, some of the other cars he listed were once owned by Junsu and fans even recognized his handwriting.


Do you think it's really Junsu?

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