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Posted by serendipity33 pts Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stars attend Wonder Girls' Sun's wedding + Sun reveals her thoughts at press conference


It is January 26th in Korea, which marks a very special day for the lovely Sun of Wonder Girls.

As you all know, Sun is tying the knot with her fiance James Park, becoming the first member out of the current idol groups to get married!

Sun's wedding started recently at 12:30 PM KST at the Seoul Lotte Hotel, but ahead of the event, the beautiful bride held a press conference and shared her excitement about the ceremony and her upcoming life as a newlywed.

Sun commented, "Marriage to me is a turning point in life and a new start. Since I was little, I liked being on the stage and being a singer so I have kept running towards achieving that until now. However, as time passed, I wondered about what direction my life would take next. And naturally, marriage came about and I think it is a new start as a turning point."

She consoled some of her fans as she shared, "I'm so thankful that my members sincerely congratulated me and was truly happy for me. As they cheered me on, I felt strengthened while preparing for my marriage... Many people have expressed their sadness and regret as well, but I will continue to be with you all so please don't be sad."

She also revealed her thoughts on who she thought might be the next to get married out of the Wonder Girls members, stating, "Each of the members have their dreams about starting a family... And although Lim is the youngest, I personally feel that maybe she will marry before the other members. I think Lim will be a great wife and mother."

As it is known she'll be heading to Maldives for her honeymoon, she revealed that she planned to "spend it comfortably" when asked about her first honeymoon night coming up. She also confirmed, "There is no new life in my stomach at the moment" denying any rumors about this being a shotgun wedding. However, she revealed that she would like to have "one son and one daughter".

"James really loves kids. I always dreamed about a happy family since I was little, so I think keeping that in mind, I think James will be a good father too."

Sun also explained Jo Kwon's reaction to her asking to oversee the ceremony as she stated, "At first, when I asked Jo Kwon, he said that he felt uncomfortable with the idea because he thought he would cry. However since he is a guy who is good with a mic, I'm not worried."

The idol also revealed more details:"I asked Yenny to sing the congratulatory song. I thought it'd be nice for JYP artist to do so, and J.Y. Park has also agreed to do it as well. I thought it might feel awkward for him, but he seemed to be fine with it so I was thankful."

The question on everyone's mind was then answered as she shared the story behind her wedding ring. "According to my husband-to-be, he was trying to prepare a ring from his grandma, but it turned out his parents had secretly already prepared a ring. I learned about the significance of the ring of my in-laws, and how they wanted to get the same ring for the future as well, and I almost cried. I told myself, I'd want to become a mother-in-law like that someday as well."

Lastly, she sent a message to the public and her fans with a short, but sweet words: "I'll live happily and well."

Some of the stars attending the wedding are JJ Project, San E, J.Y. Park, Wonder Girls, Younha, Girls' Generation, Bada, Noel, Ahn Hye Won, Park Kyung Lim, 2AM, and more.

We hope all the best for Sun!

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