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Kim Gura to return to the television alongside Kang Ho Dong?


After MC Kang Ho Dong announced that he would soon be returning to the entertainment industry hand in hand with SM C&C, rumors about comedian Kim Gura making his own respective return have began to spread.

Kim Gura who temporarily stepped away from the entertainment industry in April due to controversy over some of his past remarks has reportedly received an offer to host the popular tvN talk show, 'TAXI'. It has also been reported that he is considering the idea of returning to his past programs such as MBC's 'Quiz That Changes The World', 'Radio Star', and more.

A high-ranking representative at MBC informed OSEN, "If Kim Gura returns to television, he will without a doubt be able to work at MBC. The lead producer will make the final decisions when it comes to the details, but if he officially announces his return, it would not be strange at all for him to return to the programs he was hosting before."

Fellow MC Kang Ho Dong also recently announced his comeback. As of now, the broadcast representatives are more eager to get him back on television, more so than Kang Ho Dong himself.

Kang Ho Dong announced his temporary leave from the industry last September, and the rumors regarding his return have not stopped circling since. Recently, however, news of himself and fellow MC Shin Dong Yup signing with SM C&C have been reported in the news.

A broadcast insider informed OSEN, "There is great potential for Kang Ho Dong to return to the programs he led before. Because he has been away for about a year now, he will most likely choose the program he can most comfortably return to host, among 'Knee-Drop Guru', 'Star King', and others."

In the event that both these MCs return to television, the broadcast company that will most benefit from their comeback is MBC. MBC is currently running most of the variety show programs, and both Kang Ho Dong and Kim Gura's return are expected to give the variety shows a fresh jolt of energy.

Source & Image: OSEN via Nate

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