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'Sensible Idols', the new trend

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Idols, whom people usually expect to be naive and young, have been surprising the general public with their deep thoughts on civil responsibilities and current social issues - earning themselves the nickname of 'sensible idols'. The public is noticing a new trend in that compared to generations before, more and more idols are stepping up and using their influence to help impact the society in a positive manner, and serving as good role models for younger generations. On a recent episode of JTBC's 'Idol Quiz Show Premiere', Jewelry's Yewon was asked to describe the 'Ahn Chul Soo Syndrome'. Yewon impressed the audience with her articulate answer, "Those people who are tired of the existing government have started desiring people like Ahn Chul Soo, who are highly innovative. This is what we call the 'Ahn Chul Soo Syndrome'." Although she is still young, Yewon was able to consistently express her opinions coherently, shedding the naive and shallow image that often surround idols. SECRET's Sunhwa also guested on the show, and MC Kim Gura asked the singer if there were any current events or issues that have caught her attention. Sunhwa answered that she was concerned about the expensive cost of kindergarten. "Private kindergartens are too expensive for parents so they prefer public education, but the waiting list is long and parents are unable to send their children to school," she said. SISTAR's Hyorin was also noted for having voiced her own opinion on the price of school tuition previously, while Girls' Generation's Sunny disagreed with her fellow cast members on the issue of desire for cutting-edge technology on 'Invincible Youth 2'. Sunny disagreed saying that kimchi refrigerators cannot replace Korea's traditional crocks, and rice is best made in again, a traditional iron pot rather than an electric rice cooker. Meanwhile, miss A's Suzy impressed Entertainer Boom along with the rest of the 'Invincible Youth 2' cast on the December 17th episode with her manners. She showed through her actions that she was just as kind as she was beautiful. Invincible Youth G8 members remarked, "Suzy works just as hard when the cameras are off." Even after the cameras were turned off, Suzy thanked the village ladies who helped them make their kimchi, even calling them 'Mom', which touched the heart of the staff members. She also gave out massages to the mothers who were tired and exhausted. T-ARA's Hyomin took the time out of her jam-packed schedule to vote at the elections that were held in Seoul in October. Other idols over the age of 20 were also seen casting their votes, serving as a good example for others. And in celebration of Social Welfare Day, the boys of 2AM visited Infant-Youth facility 'Good House' to hand out chicken for the children there. They even held a small concert and signed autographs, creating an unforgettable experience for the children. There have been many other cases of idols participating in good causes. Some have partnered up with non-profit organizations to raise awareness of various social issues, while some have taken a direct approach by donating money, or taking the time to volunteer. In some ways, idols are one of the most influential group of people that can impact young adults. If they continue to have positive influence over the young generation, the things they can accomplish and the number of people they can potentially impact are endless. Source & Image : Newsen vis Nate

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