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Posted by AKP STAFF Friday, June 3, 2011

Daesung visits the funeral site of accident victim Hyun


On the night of June 2nd, Daesung paid a visit to the funeral site of accident victim, Hyun. He apologized to the victim's family after paying his respects to their loved one. The victim's family stated, "Daesung arrived with his agency representatives. We received apologies from Daesung and from YG Entertainment, and talked about the procedures that will be taken from now." Daesung visited the funeral site around 10:30PM KST. He came with five individuals, including the chairman of YG Entertainment and his attorney. It's said that he kept his head down and said "I'm sorry", and apologized again when a family member confronted him. Family member 'A', who was in charge of the funeral procession, stated, "Daesung looked very shocked. A representative from his agency apologized, and Daesung was unable to speak. When the relatives told him to apologize directly to Hyun's family, he bowed his head to every person in the room and sincerely apologized to each and every family member." The apology took place four days after the accident, and two days after the funeral site was set up. This was the first time that the victim's family met with Daesung and his people from the agency. As such, some of Hyun's family felt disappointed by the lateness of the call. 'A' commented, "We did feel disappointed. A person has died. And he is the person at the center of this accident. We thought the apology came first. But according to the agency, [Daesung] 'drove at 60km', 'Even I couldn't have avoided the accident'; they explained the accident like that and sheltered him. Our child is dead and gone, and we were disappointed as human beings." YG Entertainment explained that the visit took place late at night so that Daesung could pay his respects in person as well. The high level of interest in this case would have made it difficult for Daesung to arrive earlier in the day. They also explained that after the accident happened, Daesung's condition was so bad that he could not come right away. He couldn't even eat, and did not see his parents. Another family member by the name of 'B' stated, "The agency explained that it took [a lot of] time so that they could bring Daesung. We were angry at first but after seeing Daesung in person, he looked truly pitiful himself. He looked like he was having a hard time. Wouldn't he be shocked to have experienced this horrible accident at such an early age?". YG Entertainment apparently discussed the funeral proceedings with the victim's family, and it was agreed that the agency would absorb the costs associated with the funeral. After police investigations are complete, further arrangments will be made with the family. The victim's family stated, "We heard about the CCTV and autopsy [proceedings]. We think revealing the truth is the most important thing right now. Daesung's side apologized sincerely, and told us that they would consult with us cordially about future procedures, so we'll trust them for now. We will proceed with the burial of the coffin as scheduled." The police are currently analyzing CCTV collected around the accident site. The victim's family were given initial reports of autopsy results and analysis from the CCTV footage. But because nothing has been finalized or confirmed, however, the family has decided to remain mum. At this point in time, they seek nothing but the truth. Hyun's family stated, "The dead don't speak. But don't they have a right not to feel injustice even when they're dead? We hope that questions about our child's death will be answered by investigations done by the police. Unfair things should never happen to anyone. The police is the only thing we can trust now." Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk has updated YG-Life blog on June 3rd with the entry, "We express our deepest condolences to the deceased's family and pray that he may rest in peace." Source: Dispatch via Nate

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