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A Pink takes you on a tour through their dorm life

Newsen received the unique opportunity of visiting the A Pink members�in their dorm for a fun interview about their living habits and group relations. The reporter began by asking the girls about how they felt on making their debut.�Eunji quickly stated, "We feel sorry.�We debuted with such a great song and I feel that it's not receiving the spotlight it deserves because we're rookies.�If the song was sung by our idol seniors, I feel that it would have received more love." Eunji's a unique member in that she actually dreamt of becoming a vocal trainer, not a singer, so she didn't go through the formal training process like the rest of her bandmates. However, she joined A Pink around November of last year, and was slotted as their main vocalist right from the start. When asked whether they were ever jealous of her speedy debut, Bomi answered, "The audition was specifically for the position of main vocalist so we were all curious to see what would happen.�Eunji wasn't always as talkative as she is now." Eunji explained, "I felt pressured when they talked to me since we weren't close, so I'd purposely stay quiet." Bomi continued, "The six of us did train together though.�We had already gone so far ahead in our choreography so I was most worried about Eunji matching that.�She did learn fast though." - Prior to their debut, A Pink headlined many times for their strict diet. Speaking on the topic, the members stated, "We have such a busy schedule, so we don't have time to exercise. Instead, we have to diet with what we eat.�Sometimes we'll run around the Han River before we head home or use dance training as an opportunity to exercise." The interview then moved onto horror films, as Bomi was once quoted saying that she enjoyed films where "characters ate eyeballs or people were de-skinned."�Bomi, Na Eun, and Eunji are all fans of horror films. The reporter jokingly wondered to himself whether these were the same girls that pretended to act all shy and cute on stage. As if reflecting his thoughts, they continued, "It was embarrassing for us to perform like that.�We even hated looking at ourselves in the mirror during rehearsals because it was just so awkward having to do things we don't normally do.�We'd find ourselves staring at one another when we made certain gestures.�Whenever someone winked, we all fell to the floor in laughter." Their manager then walked in with their dinner, which consisted of salad, tofu, and a banana.�Over dinner, they were asked what they thought each other's charms were. Eunji described maknae Hayoung to be a bubbly and sometimes four-dimensional cutie.�Namju described Yookyung as a walking alarm clock since she lives a very proper lifestyle and enjoys doing sudoku puzzles in her free time. - The members then began revealing some of each other's sleeping habits. Eunji began, "I was on the internet on my bed and Namju was sitting on the second floor bed across from me.�It wasn't even time for us to be up yet and she was already up so I looked at her.�All of a sudden, she got up and went back to bed." Yookyung, who wakes up the earliest, also testified, "I woke up at the same time as Namju one morning.�I looked over at her and met her gaze, but she suddenly fell back.�She hadn't actually woken up." Eunji even revealed that she would record maknae Hayoung's snoring. "I recorded it for a minute and 20 seconds because I was afraid she'd deny it if I kept it short.�She really did deny it even still." Noticing their outgoing behavior, the reporter mentioned that they'd be a great fit for variety shows. The members revealed, "We actually get nervous on variety shows. We once just clapped through the entire show and came home.�Fortunately, Bomi's gorilla impersonation was a really big hit on this week's '100 Points out of 100.'" The girls shared that their goal for the year, like any fellow rookie, was to receive a rookie award. "We want to receive a rookie award and win #1 on a public broadcast music program.�We really want to say an awards speech." [gallery] Source: Newsen (1) (2) (3) (4)

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