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2NE1 talks about their ideal types

The members of 2NE1 started giggling like schoolgirls the moment they heard the word 'boyfriend.' All that charismatic and rebellious swagger they show on stage disappeared, and in its place was a light blush. After glancing at one another, the younger ones eventually pushed Sandara Park to talk. Park started with a sigh. "Recently, I've been confused. I haven't been in a relationship for 5~6 years. I don't know if it's because my love receptors are dead, but no matter which man I see, I have no interest." The resigned tone in her voice caused everyone in the room to laugh. She continued,"My ideal type is Won Bin. I liked his character in the drama 'Kkokji.' He was a younger guy who had a crush on an older woman, and he was very cool." The reporter asked if she disliked older men, to which she responded, "I feel more comfortable with younger guys. My thinking is immature, so I connect better with people younger than me. But I don't like rudeness. I guess I like the feel of a little twist? You know, like a beautiful guy who's surprisingly a tough guy in the end." The other members all agreed, "Dara-unni has high expectations." CL, who had revealed many times before that her ideal type was YG's very own producerTeddy, recently switched up her type. "President Yang Hyun Suk told me to stop talking about Teddy-oppa. (laughter) I would like a manly person who I can respect. A positive and energetic person." The group's youngest, Minzy, suddenly began talking about Usher. "I went to his concert recently, and he was glowing. I like people like Usher who can manage themselves well." Park Bom also responded, "I would like a man who does his job well and works hard. I would like him even more if he was a musician. Like if he was in business, he would do music business..." When asked, "Working hard on top of being good, and music? Isn't that Lee Seung Gi?" She replied, "That's true~" and laughed. But as the laughter died down, 2NE1 became slightly gloomy. They concluded, "We're always at home, so when could we date? Still, even when it's just us, we hardly talk about boys. Maybe it's because we are all so close that we don't need boyfriends? (laughter)" Source: Sports Chosun

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