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Why are there Korean lyrics in Japanese remakes?


With SNSD set to release their 2nd Japanese single, "Gee," on October 20th, and having already released their music video on the 6th, many have noticed that both SNSD and KARA kept some of their Korean lyrics in their Japanese remakes. SNSD's "Gee" features repetition of Korean words such as "Really really (jinjja jinjja)" and "Like like (joa joa)." KARA's Japanese remake of "Mister" also repeats Korean words such as "Tick tock (tok tak)" and "Over and over (jakku jakku)." Despite both being Japanese remakes, Korean lyrics dominate the highlight of the songs. Why are Korean lyrics appearing in Japanese songs? The reason is said to be behind the high interest in K-pop amongst Japanese fans, and their willingness to learn more about Korean culture. One industry representative revealed, "Japanese K-pop fans rejected the idea of SNSD and KARA releasing Japanese albums. There were a lot of voices that asked for them to promote with their original Korean songs. We took their suggestions into consideration, and naturally added the Korean lyrics into their Japanese remakes." He continued, "Korean sounds a lot stronger than Japanese, impact-wise, so it's able to add a bit of charm to the songs. The Japanese public, and music fans alike, believe that Korean songs and lyrics sound modern. They have no problem accepting Korean lyrics in their songs." Another representative continued, "There's a lot of K-pop fans that love the impact and modern feel to Korean lyrics. Just like there was a rush to learn Korean with the drama Hallyu, the Japanese youth are just as interested in learning Korean now as well." Source + Photo: Newsen

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