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TaJinYo contacts Tablo's ex-girlfriend about Stanford graduation controversy

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Even with Tablo clearing his name with regards to his Stanford graduation controversy through a TV documentary, his anti-cafe TaJinYo is still not letting go, as this time, they directly contacted Tablo's ex-girlfriend via Facebook, accusing her of concealing the truth because their claims did not match. Screen captures of the conversation between TaJinYo and Tablo's ex-girlfriend, known as "Lee", were taken, and have been spreading across the internet since the night of October 5th. Down below is a full translation of the three exchanged messages. Tablo's ex-girlfriend's response to TaJinYo's first message:

I do wonder how you found my Facebook. I wasn't going to get myself in this situation, but I am replying to this message because I found out that information about me was spreading, and also in the hopes that Tablo no longer gets hurt by these nonsense suspicions. When I was a freshman, and when Tablo was a junior back in 2000, we both stayed at the Stanford OKADA dorms. Daniel Armand Lee, who also went by the name Daniel Seonwoong Lee, wrote a lot during school, and even participated in music events. I used to call Tablo, Dan. Tablo achieved his BA and Masters' degree in English, all at Stanford. What Tablo said on TV about receiving awards and finishing earlier than the rest, were all true. The picture Tablo took with his mother on graduation day was in front of the Standford Memorial Church, which is the most famous building in Stanford.
I hope this solves your curiosity.
TaJinYo's reply:
Thank you for your reply. However in contrast to what you say, most of the people on our cafe who are in doubt or who do not believe it, believe Daniel Armand Lee and Tablo are two different people. Please have a look at the pictures I attached. The person in the picture is Daniel Armand Lee, and people believe that either Tablo is either living his life for him, or agreed on some sort of black trade, or something more unimaginable. How we were able to find you and your internet resources was through finding Daniel Armand Lee's Stanford homepage via old internet archives, where your Korean homepage was linked. It was there where we discovered that you were Dan Lee's past girlfriend.
Tablo's ex-girlfriend's reply:
This will be my last time replying. The Daniel Armand Lee, or Daniel Seonwoong Lee, who stayed with me at the Stanford OKADA dorms in 2000, is Tablo. The Dan Lee from Chicago in the 2nd and 3rd pictures of your attachment is the first time I'm seeing him. The first cartoon-like drawn picture of dj4n is Tablo (Tablo's stage name during his activities with a Stanford hip hop group 4nObject was dj4n), and the last picture was an avatar picture Tablo used for his homepage back in 2000. I hope this solves your curiosity.
Netizens who read these screen captures expressed, "You (TaJinYo) need some urgent mental help", "When will Tablo's controversy ever end? It seems like we are reaching the climax." Source + Photos: Asia Today

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