• Song Il Kook and his triplets head to the pool on upcoming episode of 'Superman is Back'

    August 2, 2014 @ 2:01 am

    Song Il Kook will take his triplets, Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se (2 years old), swimming on the upcoming episode of 'Superman is Back'! During the filming for the upcoming episode, the oldest triplet, Dae Han was like a fish meeting water while Min Guk followed whatever his older brother did. But maknae Man Se, surprisingly, was actually quite scared of the water despite being the most active one among the three in

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  • Popular idols, actors, and artists to participate in '2014 Oh Joon Sung K-Drama Concert' this September

    August 2, 2014 @ 1:17 am

    Many top names have been confirmed for the artist lineup at the upcoming '2014 Oh Joon Sung K-Drama Concert' this September! The lineup consists of Hallyu drama actors and top K-POP artists, who either participated in the drama or sang theme songs. As Oh Joon Sung has provided many OST songs for various productions, you'll be able to hear hit songs from dramas like 'The Sun of My Master', 'Boys Over Flowers', 'Cinderella's Sister', 'City Hu

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  • f(x)'s Amber congratulates Red Velvet on their debut and shows her friendship with Seulgi

    August 2, 2014 @ 12:19 am

    f(x)'s Amber showed her support for labelmates Red Velvet's debut on August 1, even taking a congratulatory snapshot with Seulgi! "Congrats on your debut, bear^^ I ask that you show your support for our Red Velvet keke happiness!", she shared on her Instagram, bringing 'happiness' as she said cheese for the camera with the rookie group member Seulgi.Amber also wrote on Twitter with the same photo, "Happiness! Please give our Red V

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  • Clara goes for sleek menswear-inspired looks for 'InStyle'

    August 1, 2014 @ 11:40 pm

    Rather than exuding her usual sexiness, Clara opted for a different image in a recent photo shoot with 'InStyle' magazine.  In anticipation for the upcoming autumn, Clara looked very chic, giving off a masculine vibe in her menswear-inspired looks very in trend for the fall season.Everything she wore was from the fall and winter collection of neo-contemporary brand, 'Loudmut'.  You can also see more of Clara as a fashionista when she ap

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  • Kim Jong Min to make his solo comeback

    August 1, 2014 @ 10:45 pm

    Koyote's Kim Jong Min will make his solo comeback! His rep told OSEN on the 2nd, "It is true that Kim Jong Min is recording for his solo album with the goal to release it later this month... He is preparing for it whenever he gets a chance and it is likely that he will do dance music similar to his first solo album 'Oppa Find Strength'."This marks Kim Jong Min's first solo release in three years since his single "Oppa Find Strength" in Apri

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  • Lee Dong Wook to participate in 'Roommate' more regularly with completion of 'Hotel King'

    August 1, 2014 @ 10:01 pm

    Now that Lee Dong Wook is done with his MBC weekend drama 'Hotel King', the actor will be regularly appearing on 'Roommate' to shed the 'special guest' position that the staff had labeled him with the first announcement of the show way back.Up til now, due to his busy drama schedule, Lee Dong Wook was unable to live in the share house with the others for most the filming time. However, he did participate when he could and despite his short appear

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  • 'My Secret Hotel' excites for upcoming premiere with poster of Yoo In Na, Nam Goong Min, and Jin Yi Han

    August 1, 2014 @ 9:19 pm

    After casting top stars like Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, and Nam Goong Min, tvN's upcoming drama 'My Secret Hotel' released the very first poster!For the poster, Yoo In Na, seems as if there's a secret she doesn't want to tell with her finger to her lips, while the two men stand on either side, looking smart and handsome in suits. To make things more interesting, the poster captures the interesting mix of romance and mystery that will lace the drama t

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  • AOA's Seolhyun and Kang Ha Neul represent denim brand 'BUCKAROO' as their new models

    August 1, 2014 @ 8:32 pm

    AOA's Seolhyun and actor Kang Ha Neul showed off their good looks as the new models for denim brand 'BUCKAROO'! The jeans emphasized their long legs and perfect proportions, which are given requirements for those who model denim. The brand announced, "We have selected Kang Ha Neul and Seolhyun as new models for the 2014 F/W season. Kang Ha Neul brought out his manly charms with his great body line and various expressions. Seolhyun, on

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  • Hip hop artist Pento releases 'Pasta Hater' featuring TEEN TOP's Chunji

    August 1, 2014 @ 7:54 pm

    Hip hop artist Pento dropped his MV for new track, "Pasta Hater", which features TEEN TOP's Chunji!The MV stays in tune with the song title as two people sit at the ends of a long table in an Italian restaurant, enjoying some yummy pasta that is sure to make your mouth water. Pento composed, wrote, and produced the song himself and the lyrics serve to convey the differences in perception of a relationship from a man vs. a woman's point of view.Ch

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  • 10 Male idols who look the same Before and After

    August 1, 2014 @ 6:41 pm

    Last time, we showed how the magic of puberty, weight loss, and fashion could transform a normal youngster into a trendy idol who could plaster his or her face all over the world with no shame.However, there are definitely more than a handful of idols lucky enough to have been able to strut their stuff all their lives because their amazing genes showed themselves since birth rather than hid away wickedly until they felt like showing themselves. C

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