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Woman withdraws sexual assault claim against popular idol member + more info on the idol's identity

By yckim124   17 days ago   133,387   1,473   0



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The woman who accused popular idol member 'A' of sexual assault has withdrawn her claims. 

According to the Gangnam Police Department on July 6, a woman claimed that she has been sexually assaulted by A and two other men at a home in Gangnam while drinking together. 

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However, the latest report reveals that the woman changed her words in the written statement of the investigation and claimed A is innocent. Currently, the investigation is ongoing and Idol A is also expected to show up for the police inquiry. 

Meanwhile, more information about idol A's identity has been revealed by Sports Today. According to the media outlet, A is a 26-year-old popular boy group member who debuted in 2010. 

Regarding the sexual assault claim, Idol A's label has first responded, "We're currently checking." The agency has been silent on the issue since then. 

Stay tuned for updates. 

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Sineya 16 days ago

So this is how the process looks to me: a girl hooks up with an idol-they make out (or not...but come on.. who would not if a girl is beautiful, sexy and willing)-a girl makes up a story of how he "assaulted her" -the company pays her some mad money to shut up because even if the idol is innocent, he hooked up with a girl so he "betrayed" his precious fans (i.e. the source of even more money...) And this is why I hate this crazy politics or making idols look like innocent kids who dont know what a vagina is... Because it makes so easy to destroy them. Some of them have sex. Deal with it because it is nothing special... Also. How bad this "trend" is for actual victims of assaults?? If there is a real case how people are supposed to believe them when there are so many crazy bitches out there who make up things?

IARMYGIRL93 16 days ago

Meh it's just another whore trying to frame a male idol like any other thirsty whore.

robin1 16 days ago

I'm lost. Why is everyone saying it's the guy from Infinite??

SophiaS robin1 16 days ago

Because they like to make thoughtless suppositions. And because MyDaily put an idol's picture without head on their article and people found it was Woohyun's picture; but this picture was randomly chosen and MyDaily apologized. It isn't anybody from INFINITE, that's for sure.

natasyaa 16 days ago

they keep saying it was woohyun because MyDaily put woohyun picture on their new for this. MyDaily already apologize but they news has been spread that A is woohyun. i read this on the other news site, correct me if i'm wrong :)


I seriously can't understand why people accused that this 'A' guy is INFINITE Woohyun Its clearly stated that this guy is from a group of 5 members and the most important one is that that guy name start with 'A' meanwhile woohyun name start with 'W' or 'N' What the hell is wrong with haters nowadays ? Cant they read the article properly ???! 😡

meiGZB WHAAAAAATTTTT 16 days ago

the idole name doesn't start win an A -_- it like person A did something to person B -____- it's like X and Y in mathes ahhhh *sigh*

Hamtergyu meiGZB 16 days ago

so A being a part of a 5 member group isnt important? last time i checked infinite has 7 members...#sigh

CuteDog Hamtergyu 16 days ago

??? @meiGZB didnt say anything about it being Woohyun. the person just pointed out what the first person didnt understand #sigh

WHAAAAAATTTTT meiGZB 16 days ago

Well sorry for being stupid since English is not my first language *sigh* But hey at least I can count right? ;)

Hamtergyu CuteDog 16 days ago

oh im sorry i just thought that she ment to say that....i must Apologize to her/himif he didnt mean that...

Ryen WHAAAAAATTTTT 16 days ago

I'm curious. Where are you getting the information that the group has five members? Because according to ajunews, the victim claimed that "there were 6 men and 3 women in the room. With the except of 'A,' the remaining 5 men weren't part of the entertainment industry. Did you read another media source or did you pluck this from the comment section here?

SophiaS Ryen 16 days ago

They said the idol's group debuted in 2010 and has 5 members not that there were 5 men gathered where that girl was. That's why people keep saying that INFINITE has 7 members and not 5.

Ryen SophiaS 16 days ago

Who's 'they?' I've read both English and Korean outlets, and none of them said anything about the idol belonging in a 5-member group. So unless the 5 non-entertainers spontaneously turned into idols, where did you get that piece of info?

SophiaS Ryen 16 days ago

Some people who can read Korean; they said that the idol is in a 5 members group, debuted in 2010, has 26 years old and it's not INFINITE, Teen Top, CNBLUE

WHAAAAAATTTTT Ryen 16 days ago

What's wrong with you ha? Why are you only attacking my comment when I'm not the only one who read or post comment about the 5 members thingy 🙄

meiGZB WHAAAAAATTTTT 16 days ago

Yooo chill boy! All i mean is that you made a mistake by saying the idole's name start with an A which is not that's it! I didn't said it was infinite or anybody! You just want to make a fuss about something i haven't said ! Chill your ass dude!

WHAAAAAATTTTT meiGZB 16 days ago

Seriously I didn't mean it that way tho 😶 so yooo chill boy!

meiGZB WHAAAAAATTTTT 16 days ago

You need to chill out lol

Ryen SophiaS 15 days ago

Okay, and where did they find this? Because like I said, none of those things you said are mentioned in any of the major Korean media outlets. To me, that sounds more like a rumor knetz spread than an actual fact.

Ryen WHAAAAAATTTTT 15 days ago

How is asking you about where you got your information 'attacking' you? If you don't know what you're talking about, then perhaps you shouldn't be here. Nowhere did this article said anything about a 5-member group, and if you bother to read other sources, there's no mention of that either. Instead of accusing others of their reading skills, perhaps it is you who should check your reading level.

Hamtergyu Ryen 14 days ago

i think it was my daily which released that, after changing their random photo they also released any case sooner or later we are going to find out who it is. they cant hide from the media

TOP_Is_Bae 16 days ago

I don't get it what's the point three sexual assults accusations involving idols first produce101 then nu'est and now this ... it have become a way to gain attention for women. I don't know what I'm saying but if any idol did this if he should confront already. I think it can be G Dragon too his reputation is already been destroyed by those drugs and stuff and all I can think is what if its G Dragon. I don't want him to be involved again in bad news. ㅠ.ㅠ

21_nolja_vip TOP_Is_Bae 16 days ago

He can't be GD, BB debuted before 2010 and he is not 26 y old

meiGZB TOP_Is_Bae 16 days ago

Lik GD is like 27-28 😂😂😂

SophiaS 21_nolja_vip 16 days ago

GD is 29 Korean age :)

claudiaalviani 16 days ago

debut in 2010, have 5 members, 26 yo (idk if its korean or international age)candidateno1 FCUZ Kanno 2 FCUZ Yejunno3 FCUZ Raehyunno4 Teentop CAP (teen top is now 5 member group)no5 Touch Sunwoongno6 TheBoss Karamno7 TheBoss Hyunminno8 TheBoss Injun

Hamtergyu 16 days ago

whys is eveyone running around, like headless chicken is unrelated with  zea infinite or cn stop saying :" oh it has to be one of the infinite members" " im not sure but i think its one of them"  WHY DONT YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE WHO IT IS? i know it may be difficult , but please dont frame someone when u dont know all the evidence. im sure we will find who it is soon ..allk will not miss that, its fun for them. so u can talk to ur hearts content then.

SophiaS Hamtergyu 16 days ago

Like headless chicken :) :) Well, I am amazed by people who can love and support an idol and the next moment if they saw an article like that they can jump to conclusions that he's the baddest person around. I really don't know who can even think it might be an INFINITE member (or CNBLUE, Teen Top), it' s beyond absurd. I heard that it was a Korean news site who posted an idol's photo without showing his head and "detective" fans found out it was Woohyun, that's why they said it was him; but that photo was only a random photo and that site apologized. If I were Woohyun, I would sue them.

Hamtergyu SophiaS 16 days ago

honestly i do hope they solve the case first without any names and then if its resolved we should learn who it not worried about infinite somehow i know its not them....what bugging me is the fct that woollim doesnt tell us if all of infinite members have signed their contract or not....

SophiaS Hamtergyu 16 days ago

I am beyond upset... I found from an Inspirit that KBS News used Infinite's MVs and blurred vids presenting this girl's case and now many people believe it is true and the company (Woollim) covered it.. I'm starting to get a headache, really, people are so thoughtless !!!!! Involving innocent people in this and then what, they'll say : sorry? Just "Sorry" isn't enough!!!

Hamtergyu SophiaS 16 days ago

did they really use the mvs? really? are they stupid?

Shiharu Hamtergyu 16 days ago

KBS is beyond dumb. Even a chicken is btr than any Korean news outlet

SophiaS Hamtergyu 16 days ago

That's what an Inspirit said, she was really upset about it. Like people won't notice if there's Woohyun's photo if it's no head or blurred Infinite's vids, really. KBS thought nobody will care, notice or what?

Hamtergyu SophiaS 16 days ago

i know right, maybe they think they could use that superman effect,, if superman was wearing glasses he wouldnt be recognized.

janesuh 16 days ago

That's the problem with ladies in Korea, they spend money on plastic surgery and try to hook up with celebrities and then try to gold dig out of their money by putting all these crap rumors, what the heck? Why do you live your life like that? Why don't you save money for your future and live the way you are instead of putting celebrities miserable...

xinfinitex 17 days ago

for those thinking it's infinite's woohyun or an infinite member. IT'S NOT!       1) the sources say the person is from a 5 member group. infinite has 7 members. 2) articles and many sources have already stated that teen top, infinite and cn blue, who are groups who have debuted in 2010 are NOT related to the issue. and A is NOT from these groups. 3) woohyun is an early liner so he's 27 not 26. 4) none of the infinite members live in gangnam. 5) woohyun was not even in the country when this happened. the woman claimed that the incident occurred on july 6. woohyun was in japan with another member. STOP SPREADING FALSE RUMORS AND ACCUSATIONS! this is a serious issue, so don't just start listing any idol name. it greatly affects their image and not to mention that it'll affect the person themselves.   no need to make assumptions. just wait until everything is revealed.

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