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NU'EST's JR's first 'V' live after 'Produce 101' ranks #1 on the app's daily chart

By jennywill   18 days ago   51,669   14,406   0



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'National Leader' Kim Jong Hyun - now back as NU'EST's JR - topped 'V' charts with his first broadcast after 'Produce 101'.

Other than Minhyun, who made it into Wanna One, this is the first time a NU'EST member has done anything official. Ren was in an Instagram post by a variety show he will be on, but it wasn't anything by the members themselves. JR introduced himself as both 'Pledis' Kim Jong Hyun' and 'NU'EST's leader JR', and proceeded to talk about various things that fans asked.

The broadcast was so well loved by fans that it ranked #1 on the 'V' app's daily video chart. 

Congratulations to JR.
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gorogoro 15 days ago

He's a sweetie, look at the way he smiles throughout the whole live :D

nami_chan 16 days ago

JR is an angel, he deserves the world 

annaha0618 17 days ago


yeonjungsoul 17 days ago

Their was literally like a few minutes of warning that he's doing a vlive and no prior announcements the day before and he still managed to accumulate so much views/hearts and trend on makes me so proud to see how far nuest has come cos they could barely get a million hearts and used to press it themselves 😫😭

KCH 17 days ago

My bby jonghyun got over 27 mil hearts with just him ;-; congrats to him!!

nymeria24 17 days ago

YESSS he is first (and have more than 20mm hearts), then IKON and third BlackPink the last time i checked

Vivianlsv nymeria24 17 days ago

i am so sorry to say this, believe me he is my ultimate bias in PD101 and my fav, but your facts are wrong, Twice tzuyu had 24 million heart for her vlive bday this year and her cooking vlive had 64milliion hearts......

00hannah nymeria24 17 days ago

Most BTS, EXO and SVT vlives have over 20mil, plus youngmin and samuel's vlive also reached over 20mil

babynoir 00hannah 17 days ago

He is #1 on daily V Apps. I don't think she meant the whole year.

nymeria24 Vivianlsv 17 days ago

Daily VApps in "charts" section, i wasn't talking about the amount of hearts :)

00hannah nymeria24 17 days ago

OHH I'm sorry! I thought you meant he was first as in the amount of hearts because that would be a too much of a dream

KCH nymeria24 17 days ago

Jonghyun's vlive is now over 27 mil hearts :)

nymeria24 00hannah 17 days ago

don't worry i didn't specify it either, it's my fault! xD

Vivianlsv nymeria24 16 days ago

my bad too!

thealigirl8 17 days ago

Killing it! I would have watched too if I had known :(

00hannah thealigirl8 17 days ago

YH I know they announced it only on the day so it got less than other traineees who got like 30mil plus.

nami_chan thealigirl8 16 days ago

I couldn't watch it either TT

beyondordinary 17 days ago

I am so happy they went on PD101. They deserve this attention :')

TerryAung 17 days ago

:) :) :)

bigsuper501 17 days ago

Finally they're getting the attention they deserve!! Really hope their upcoming comeback will be able to keep all the new fans and also gain new ones!! So far this is looking good for them I am so so so proud!!

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