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NU'EST's JR thanks everyone for the love and support he and the group received through 'Produce 101'

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NU'EST's JR conversed with fans through Naver's 'V-Live'

On July 2, JR appeared on NU'EST's 'V-Live' channel to converse and engage with his fans after wrapping up the 'Produce 101 Season 2 Final Concert'. With the rise of their popularity since the end of the show, the group's past songs have been doing extremely well on the chart and merchandises for NU'EST sold out in numerous locations. 

He said, "I really want to take this time to thank all the fans for all the love and support. Thank you to all who supported me and the group. My hair is really weird right now because of the concert but I hope you enjoy the rest of the video/stream." During the stream, the responses were overwhelming - thousands of hearts were sent and his name even appeared on 'most searched' section at the time. 

He continued, "I went back to my hometown and my parents gave me a lot of delicious food. We're also preparing for a new album - we've been writing lyrics as well." He also joked, "I've been practicing how to take selfies but I realized I can't suddenly good at taking selfies just because I practice it." JR also revealed several interesting facts about himself such as how he can't tomatoes, black being his favorite color, and a movie he enjoyed is 'Resident Evil'.

JR revealed that he was the first male trainee under Pledis Entertainment, "JR stands for Junior Royal to mean small royalty and my current roommate is Min Ki." He also talked about being a leader in performances that received positive feedbacks, "I don't know but at one point the stickers were just on me. I just wanted to do my best in my role. I think I was nervous during all my performances."

JR wrapped up by thanking the viewers and promised to visit 'V-Live' more often but before he left, he expressed his reason for why he cried when Minhyun was chosen in the top 11 to make the group Wanna One, "We all worked extremely hard and the fact that he was chosen from an amazing group of guys, I was sincerely happy for him. It felt like everyone acknowledged his talent." 

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pinboo_fanfic 21 days ago

why am i still internally bitter that he's not in wanna one...

ZaraBBIKON2NEWIN 23 days ago

You will always be National Leader Jonghyun, and you will lead Nu'est into a revolution. Cannot wait for their new album. Sad about Minhyun not being a part of it.

Vivianlsv 23 days ago

JR  i really really like you, i even cried for you during PD101 last ep, but please do something about that hair T.T

Theo22 23 days ago

Just say he isn't cute and you will fight with me. Thank you for everything our Bugi, you worked so hard and loves so proud of you. Lets walk on the flower way for now on.

neverneverever 23 days ago

I want a broadcast of him with the rest of the members! I know Minhyun probably won't be there, but just to see at least the other four interacting again would be wonderful! Maybe Dongho's dying controversy could hold him back too, since nothing is confirmed yet, but he received TONS of love during the P101 Finale concert, so I hope all is well and a VLIVE for the four happens soon!

arinsen 23 days ago

He's such a cute little smol bean, it's impossible not to love him.Thank you, Jonghyun, for all you've done for your members and other P101 contestants! Let's walk the flower path from now on.

faithkeeper 23 days ago

when i first got the notifs, I couldnt believe it was a notif from Nuest! So happy that nu'est is finally back in action. And Jonghyun was so adorable throughout the broadcast, I was smiling the whole time :)

thealigirl8 23 days ago

oh baby, your talent was acknowledged too even if the results weren't what they were supposed to be. i look forward to seeing you on stage again soon! <3

kzoldycks 24 days ago

He's so precious <3<3<3 All those aegyos in the entire 37:32 minutes, I died and came back to life because of Bugi's cuteness overdose. Kim Jonghyun, let's be happy from now on. You deserve the world!!

gorogoro 24 days ago

JR's smile is so LOVE-ly~~ you can't help but smiling along with him during the whole live, even if you don't understand a single word xD

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