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Japanese netizen reveals how Song Hye Kyo cried tears of joy when Song Joong Ki proposed

By KpopJoA   14 days ago   82,341   5,636   0



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With their marriage news shocking many people, Song Hye Kyo's reaction to Song Joong Ki's marriage proposal is gaining much attention.

A Japanese netizen with the nickname 'Yuri' claimed that she had knowledge of how Song Joong Ki had proposed to Song Hyeo Kyo. She congratulated the actors via Twitter on July 5, "Congratulations on your wedding!" and explained how the special event went down. 

"Honestly, I heard from a friend who worked part-time at a store last winter and happened to witness the star's proposal.  The two people and staff arrived at the store and held an event and said Song Hye Kyo was crying tears of joy.  It was supposedly some kind of marriage proposal.  I was actually wondering when the two stars would reveal the wonderful news."

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The netizen continued, "I'm not sure if the ring was presented at the event... Miss Hye Kyo is cute.  I wonder if the staff had already known about their relationship."

It appears the tweet is circulating rapidly ever since the inside scoop was unveiled.

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  2. Song Hye Kyo

thefabcat92 12 days ago

if i want to be negative: song hye gyo probably cried because one of her love set finally propose before she gets too old..yay!!if i want to be positive: yeayyyyyyyy congrats to you twoooo

honeynaomi 14 days ago

NOw "Song Jong Ki had proposed to Song Joong Ki" has changed into "Song Jong Ki had proposed to Song Hyeo Kyo" good job allkpop

rumirumi (Banned) 14 days ago

This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

L_catzzz 14 days ago

"Song Joong Ki had proposed to Song Joong Ki" made me reminded of a guy who married himself.

thetzzk24 L_catzzz 14 days ago

my reaction was literally the same as your profile image !

thefabcat92 L_catzzz 12 days ago

why would he marry himself? guess no one wants to marry him

L_catzzz thefabcat92 11 days ago

He's a narcissist. He thinks there are no other people that are good enough for him except himself.

allkpopellie 14 days ago

I'm so happy for her :).

Longan_Lychee 14 days ago

It’s a real wonder that this fan and the staff in Japan kept it inside them all this time. These fans in Bali went and ratted  them out immediately to social media and tabloids. Goes to show how different nations people behave. The lesson is, go vacationing only in Japan. Southeast Asians invade too much personal space and privacy. Anyway Song Joong Ki is so manly and romantic.

seochulgoo Longan_Lychee 14 days ago

every country has rude people. don't blame southeast asians for the actions of a few of them.

Longan_Lychee seochulgoo 14 days ago

Not all of them are. I as South-Asian diss South-Asians all the time. Even though I’m proud of my people and my nation, I also hate some of our habits like no respect of privacy or personal space. I don’t know about all Southeast Asians, but these Balinese/Indonesian fans proved by this that they really have no decency by ratting Song-Song couple’s private meeting to the media. Japanese fans don’t seem to be like that. They seem to respect privacy too, unless they’re attention seekers, like that Seungri’s little one night thing.

Chow_C Longan_Lychee 12 days ago

go vacationing only in Japan. Poor you.

sweety1991 14 days ago


fxcx09 14 days ago

"Song Joong Ki had proposed to Song Joong Ki"  boy u drunk

L_catzzz fxcx09 14 days ago

AKP is always drunk. Lmao.

seochulgoo fxcx09 14 days ago

He loves himself! Self esteem goals

The End



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