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Watch SHINee Taemin's full Japanese MV for 'Flame of Love'!

By beansss   29 days ago   18,326   3,788   0



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Watch SHINee's Taemin perform his fiercest in his new music video for "Flame of Love", the title track off of his 2nd Japanese solo album!

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The album, also titled 'Flame of Love', contains 4 tracks total. For his MV, Taemin expressed the lyrics of his emotional song through powerful choreography, which showcases the modern, contemporary genre Taemin is known for. He even hops on top of a car, accenting his passionate movements. 

Taemin's full 'Flame of Love' album drops July 18!

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kpoplovermay 26 days ago

he slayed as he always does <3 ♥♥♥ the song was beautiful  and the mv was awesome ♥


estheram 28 days ago

I want to thank not only God but Jesus.

gabe02 29 days ago

The MV is so beautiful and I love the song so much

mihaella 29 days ago

just wow

BlingerJ95 29 days ago

When I first heard the song I really didn't know what to expect of the dance but Taemin never fails to surprise me. His is such an amazing performer.

khatke 29 days ago

I love the way he expresses himself through dance. Taemin is amazing!

norhunnie 29 days ago

Taemin is amazing as always~

SHINeeUKShawol 29 days ago

I like how it's like a continuation from 'Sayonara Hitori'. It'll go well with his solo concert!!

MsArchetype 29 days ago

The aesthetics of this MV and the song itself is on heights that I can't even reach.

Max_South MsArchetype 29 days ago

True, it is magical; and the lad is, as always, very graceful. His contemporary dance is perfect.

shineefeels 29 days ago

Actually, the full album drops digitally on JP iTunes on Monday 7/3~! ^^ Digital pre-orders open tomorrow, 6/28 JST. For anyone unaware, you can buy a digital copy using Japanese giftcards~

Max_South shineefeels 29 days ago

Why there is a need to limit the sales only to Japan or only to Korea? For example, in my country I can buy the most of the global music, but not everything. I can not buy the songs by Beast, Trouble Maker, as well as compositions for many anime such as Inuyasha, Kill la Kill and others. I had to set a reminder in my iPhone so it would pop up in few years from now so I could check if by that time those compositions will be available for purchase on iTunes Music Store.

Maggie Max_South 29 days ago

Japanese has a thing for EXCLUSIVITY. You can still find ways to get the physical album on July 18 and maybe change the geographic info on your iTunes for JP digital release. Maybe, I never tried it. I'm buying the physical albums.

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