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MAMAMOO win June 29th 'Half-Year' special of 'M! Countdown'!

By elliefilet   23 days ago   35,819   6,873   37



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MAMAMOO have taken 1st place on the June 29th 'Half-Year' special of 'M! Countdown'!

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MAMAMOO's "Yes I Am" and Black Pink's "As If It's Your Last" went head to head, and "Yes I Am" came out the winner. This makes MAMAMOO's third win on a music show with the track following SBS MTV's 'The Show' and MBC Music's 'Show Champion'.

Congrats to MAMAMOO!


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makan 22 days ago

Wow I just saw this... two very strong girl groups going head to head... the real winners are all of us who get to hear and see both of them! Congratulations to Mamamoo! That makes Three!

federick 22 days ago

Talent vs Talent vs Charisma vs Charisma vs Queens vs Queens. I'm satisfied.

shubhajan 23 days ago

yas my queens have done it again! and they won over a group from the big 3! yas!!

jinssam 23 days ago

Love it. And most of all, loving being part of a fandom that really appreciates and is close with the artist. Proud of these girls! Theres way too many harsh comments from the antis or fans of other gg in the korean articles, so its nice to see this.

Delgrantxx 23 days ago

I love when talent wins!!! ♥ Congrats to my girls!

ParkSooyoung_lt3 23 days ago

congrats mamamoo 💋

Heechulie 23 days ago

surprised BlackPink can't win against them.. i mean.. the "record-breaking" YouTube videos and all lol

BigBlueagain Heechulie 23 days ago

Moomoos and Blinks are similar. I'm both. See, we stan talent. Not just plastic looks. ;)

Heechulie BigBlueagain 23 days ago

oh, you talking about YG? listen i stan both too, but the youtube thing is just plane useless to show off if youre not winning lol

shubhajan Heechulie 23 days ago

this is a korean show and Koreans love Mamamoo more tbh

Julies_Wreath Heechulie 23 days ago

not all music shows count youtube videos at high percentage, inki will though, BP might win that one and I think the other tight race would be M Core?

oxymorac Heechulie 22 days ago

Remember, Blackpink has 0 physical sales points because their comeback was just a song

Fantastic_Bibi shubhajan 22 days ago

Mamamoo has a strong SK fanbase and that's their edge since they've been around longer but you can't underestimate BP too since they are a monster rookie who remained a close second. That's a very impressive feat. They're gaining more momentum and fans with every comeback. They did so well considering this is their first year. Plus Mamamoo had a physical album too so that's another advantage over BP who only released a digital single as a gift for fans.

Fantastic_Bibi Heechulie 22 days ago

Inkigayo takes YouTube views into account. Besides, both groups did well. It's not easy blocking each other from getting an all-kill.

sicupidcipid 23 days ago

Both groups are jjang. Whoever win, depend on music shows. At least both of them deserve to win. Well, both doing well on charts. No 2 and 3 in melon. No 5 mamamoo and 3 bp in genie. And still on top 5 in other charts. As long as it's not a group who not even entered top 10 and suddenly won. Ups, some groups were on number 30 something and won many times, sooo.. It's okay BP. Fantastic baby only won once but that song was like nation rhythm. Fighting!!!

Fantastic_Bibi sicupidcipid 22 days ago

Winning on music shows are just a bonus, but artists who don't win don't mean they're any less talented or amazing. True, I am happy for both Mamamoo and Blackpink. They slayed the charts! And for a rookie group like BP to achieve that much success early on is incredible. :)

mashimaro2306 23 days ago

Yessss u go girls!!!!!!!! Let's win more, this song deserves all the recognition it is getting!!!! For those who haven't, pls check out the lyrics as well. Also on a side note, i just realised Moonbyul's line "My name is Moonstar" is actually a word play because "byul" means "star" in Korean and thought that was so cool (sorry if not really relevant to the article)

Daxel 23 days ago

Yaaaaaaaas, queens. This is Mamamoo's year, love it.

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