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Lee Hyori compares 1st generation idols to the current generation and says she feels bad for junior idol groups

By KpopJoA   27 days ago   157,774   9,531   56



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Broadcasted on June 29, singer Lee Hyori made a guest appearance on JTBC 'Newsroom' where she discussed the comparison between the 1st generation idol groups and the current-generation.

The former Fin.K.L member explained, "I feel bad when I see junior idol groups.  The competition wasn't as fierce back in our day.  Since the internet and social media wasn't as developed back then, there was a lot more freedom.  Idols nowadays don't have a place to hide, people see every little thing that they do, and the competition is a lot fiercer. For example, when I go to the hair salon the idols' faces look very dark compared to their bright happy faces on broadcast, and they often appear down and lack energy... They also train for a very long time and get criticized and then they receive even more criticism after they debut so I feel bad for the idol groups."

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Lee Hyori also mentioned that one of her songs "Diamond" was dedicated to comfort women.  "I decided to write the lyrics after reading an article about one of the comfort women passing away...I wanted to reach out to those who were hurting and fought bravely until the end."

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori's 6th studio album 'BLACK' will be releasing next month.

  1. Lee Hyori

hiroonakamura 26 days ago

sadly the korean fan landscape is really lousy and disrespectful. People need to behave a lot better

triciapatcop 26 days ago

My QUEEN HYORI is right <3 i am waiting her comeback.

Lolleh 26 days ago

More like technology have changed and fans became more savage about not respecting their space and being butt hurt towards idols. They hust don't understant that being an idol is also a job!

universalkpopfan 27 days ago

Lee Hyori unnie have enlighten me. Thank you.

mypcy 27 days ago


MunchieMinx 27 days ago

She's very much right. Fans act like stalkers these days instead of fans.

beyondordinary MunchieMinx 27 days ago

So much truth to this comment.

raiden_legacy 27 days ago

She's right... We have to support junior idols group

Winston 27 days ago

The current generation of idols, you get stressed when you are TOO Popular and also when you are TOO UNpopular, if you are too unknown, you worry about whether your group will even survive and when is your next comeback, you cant even afford a nice meal not to say luxury bags are buying your parents a car or something. If you are too popular like EXO, BTS, your every actions and speech is monitored and even a frown on broadcast can lead to a long comments about how unprofessional you are, and you get too overworked like AOA Choa's saying how she had to force a smile when she was "crying inside" and some even turn to marijuana for their depression and anxiety issues. Sleep is a luxury for the popular idols as many sleep in cars or in transit, and eat in cars.

xo_awfa Winston 27 days ago

I wanna hang your comment on every agency in Korea. Its like "take a hint"

chwalker315 Winston 26 days ago

Exactly... I feel so bad for them. Most fans are now professional stalkers. I don't know when the power has shift like it has but you are correct. It is truly sad. Agency need to do better and so does the fans.

Winston chwalker315 26 days ago

about the stalker fans, they has been like that since HOT and FinKL times, while i cant say its easy to "change" the mindset of 100,000 fans or more, it should not be so hard to change the mindset of 1 CEO or 1 Producer in an agency. i hope that more CEO or Producers in agency think more for their artiste health, and look into HEALTHY ways to keep fit, rather than lose weight. i dun think keeping a under 50kg weight should be the "norm" or i dun think sleeping 2hrs or 4hrs a day during promotions, is the "norm" that a young adult or teenager should be going through. Even if it means going to 1 less event or 1 concert, and making less money, i think they should give their artiste that 1 or 2 extra hour of sleep, and it can make a WHOLE lot of difference. When i read about how Sana was doozing off on the set, because she didnt sleep for 3 days, (so she says) i didnt Laugh at all, i only think how can the manager only ask her to go wash up, when their agency should be giving her a FULL 8 hours of sleep or more to recover.

hanalala707 27 days ago

Queen is always say it like she means it

estheram 27 days ago

So nice of her.

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