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Park Bom writes heartfelt letter to 'fans around the world' after 2NE1's disbandment

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Park Bom has written her own letter to Blackjacks after 2NE1's disbandment.

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CL and Dara reached out to fans yesterday, and it seems Park Bom took some time to address fans as well. She wrote on Instagram:

"To fans around the world...
Hello to my fans who've always loved and looked after me. This is Bom.
My Blackjack! You all really waited for us...
I apologize... I can only say I'm sorry... It hurts a lot, but...
I wanted to write a letter... What I can say right now...
I wanted to say that I tried my best during this time... 
To show our fans, I'd anticipated, prepared, and waited for a lot of things.
Not all things in life happen the way I'd like it to...
It's not something I did hastily for a few years... How can I lose it all at once...
T.T?? What can I do... T.T
I'm disappointed, but... our "memories"... I won't forget them.
The happy times we had, the joyful times we had... T.T
I shed blood, sweat, and tears... I'll keep it in my heart...
When I think of separating from Dara, CL, and Minzy,
I lose all my words... my breathing stops...
I can't write anymore because my heart is hurting... 
During this time... the 4 of us...
'We were able to do everything because of you all...'
I won't forget...
Thank you... T.T
On a rainy day... Posted by Bom..."




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kiko_san 17 hours ago

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peladocarlos 2 days ago

It bothers me how they try to look heartbroken and sad now when it's almost six months since the group disbandment... If they were really in that mood, then they should have said something when it happens and not now that YG made an official statement about it. Remember when Minzy left? That's when this really happen but just now they talk about it? I call that hypocrisy. Remeber when Minzy's father told the media "the truth would be out sooner or later"... Well, this is how YG works, they don't care about their fans.

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judyi peladocarlos 9 hours ago

When Minzy left it was done because she had no schedule. She isn't and has never been a hot item for shows or commercials. She had to go out and peruse her work not have it handed to her. There was also something with getting paid, back in 2011 many managers and staff were fired do to embezellment or something like that. They took money from 2ne1 and Big Bang and that's why YGE was fined not to long ago. Unfortunately it was a bigger hit to 2ne1 than BB since BB has always been in high demand plus royalties. Secondly Minzy asked for money or loans but with no work being persued.... Dara tried her best during everything she's the most affected, don't shit on her. Bom knew what she did wrong and she felt in a worse position because of guilt. CL wanted yo believe they could do it if she got to succeed in advancement. Sadly this wasn't what happened. 2ne1 isn't hypocrites, all of them are still friends all of them are sad about what went on. But all of them will need to move on. As a blackjack I'm sad yet understanding of this situation. YGE is a company regardless of anything, just because they like you doesn't mean they'll keep you if you ain't pulling your worth, and this goes out to everyone in their company. Sadly Taehyun is also a victim of this, my heart hurts whenever I think of all his pain he went thru only to be let go.

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stringselforever 2 days ago

I think it's "I shed tears of blood" not "I shed blood, sweat and tears" Just wanted to point it out xD

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