Netizens accuse D.O. of being mean toward an 'ugly' actress

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Netizens are angry at D.O. for his comment toward actress Lee Do Yeon because, as they say, he was being too mean and inconsiderate.  They suggested he was making a jab at the actress's looks.

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The comment came about during a recent press conference for D.O.'s new movie, 'Hyung' (0:20 above).

During the interview, D.O. said, "We didn't kiss for real. And I think it's a relief." After laughing for a bit, he added, "That's not what I'm saying.  It's a joke."

[Lee Do Yeon, the actress D.O. filmed a kiss scene with]

However, as D.O.'s comment began to circulate in the online communities, many people are finding the comment to be discriminating against certain types of actors; some say that it is simply mean and rude. 


"...male idols have a lot of influence...we are very sensitive about misogynistic comments..."

"No...please apologize, D.O...that speech was rude. I really like you, but I am disappointed..."

"...the video is worse...So rude. So disappointed." 

"The reason I am more hurt is I've been in a situation like that before...A guy once said, 'I almost kissed that pig. Thank God, I didn't. Who would want to kiss her?' in front of my friends. I remember being so hurt. D.O...I am crying. Never thought my bias would say something like that..." 

"A lot of Korean guys joke like that in real life...And then they say it was a joke.... Average guys say stuff like that behind your back." 

"...why would you say that in front of people? So rude."

"If you're gonna be sorry, don't say it."

"But don't we see jokes like that a lot? I am used to it....It's so low to joke about other people's looks." 

"This isn't right, D.O....You're younger than her and you don't have a lot of acting experience...Why would you joke like that. If you knew how seriously rude your comment was when Park Shin Hye tried to stop you, you would've clarified yourself...The D.O. I like is always serious, polite, and hard-working, not this. Please realize this and apologize." 

Netizens are also comparing his comment about this kiss scene with Lee Do Yeon to his comment when promoting his previous movie, 'Pure Love,' with Kim So Hyun, who is born in 1999 and is a minor.

D.O. was asked, "Were you disappointed that there was no real kiss scene in the movie?" D.O. answered, "I was disappointed...I could've done something I couldn't normally do with acting as an excuse, so I was excited for it, but the scene ended up with me kissing an umbrella." 

Netizens say that this is clearly D.O. being biased against Lee Do Yeon because she is not as pretty and young as Kim So Hyun.  Some even point out it sounded like he wanted to kiss an underaged girl, which they find odd.

However, some netizens are defending him, saying that he was referring to the context of the kiss. In the movie, the kiss scene with Lee Do Yeon comes off as sexual harassment. Also, some netizens are accusing those netizens of being the discriminatory ones who are implying the actress is "ugly" in the first place.

What do you guys think about D.O.'s comment? Is it problematic or are the netizens overreacting again? 




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    UKihyun 4 hours ago

    That's it. He's officially the one member of Exo that i don't likeI never thought I'd have to dislike a member of Exo but HE JUST KEEPS DOING SH*T

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    Gotse7enn 2 days ago

    Dissapointed in him

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    exoapink4tw 2 days ago

    Insert "It was a joke" + circumstancial explanation. What netizens are doing are taking his words out of context and essentially misquoting him. I wonder how hurtful it is to him that people actually live by not trusting what comes before "but" and twisting his intentions.

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