Tricky Stewart apologizes for mix-up surrounding the identical background tracks in BTS' 'Cypher Pt 4' and SFB's 'Strangers'

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Producer Tricky Stewart has apologized for all the confusion surrounding BTS' latest cypher on their 'WINGS' album.

Fans noticed that "Cypher Pt 4" on the album had the same instrumental in parts to a Dutch group SFB's "Strangers", which was released in 2015. However, it's now turned out that the track was used without the producer knowing. Tricky Stewart posted the following on his Twitter, absolving BTS and Big Hit Entertainment:

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Big Hit Entertainment also posted a statement, writing:

Hello, this is Big Hit Entertainment.
As explained in the album introductions, the track "BTS Cypher 4" in the 'WINGS' album released on the 10th was produced together with USA's producer Tricky Stewart
However, on the 11th after the release, we were contacted by Tricky Stewart where we were told that a rough version of the track had been used by a band in the Netherlands in a song released in 2015.
This happened because of a mistake and and ignorance from one of the staff on Tricky's side. Tricky Stewart also did not learn of this fact until right after BTS' album was released, so he could not let us know until after the release.
However, Tricky Stewart and his management has acknowledged all fault as one of the producers, and promised to solve the issue in a way that would not harm BTS.
BTS has no fault or responsibility in any issue surrounding the track - in fact, they are the victims of the situation. Because of this, Big Hit Entertainment asked Tricky Stewart to issue an official apology for BTS and all BTS fans worldwide.

It's a good thing the situation was cleared up so quickly!




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Junj 9 days ago

Props for the really quick response but I'm always afraid of all the shit that BTS will get accused of every time they're active.. Please let them have a happy, peaceful promotion this time :|

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cyrstel 9 days ago

In this comment section, we can all see who are the stupid people. It's either they didn't understand the article, or they didn't read the article before commenting. And I am seeing lot's of stupid people showing their ignorance. lol

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m1234 9 days ago

wow what an asshole. he should've double checked and triple checked before selling an old song he made last year. that sort of unprofessional behavior is going to get this guy NOWHERE.

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