[SPOILER] Which contestants were eliminated and who wins the seventh track on 'Unpretty Rapstar'?

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The September 16 broadcast of 'Unpretty Rapstar 3' showed the remaining contestants Yuna Kim, Nada, Miryo, Yook Ji Dam, Jeon So Yeon, Giant Pink, Grace, and AshB butt heads in a team diss battle to win the seventh track, produced by Swings

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Yuna Kim teamed up with Yoo Ji Dam, Jeon So Yeon with Nada, Grace with AshB, and Giant Pink with Miryo.  

Jeon So Yeon and Nada went up against AshB and Grace, with the former winning by a longshot with a whopping 244 points to a measly 61 points. 

In the second diss battle, Yuna Kim and Yook Ji Dam went toe to toe with Miryo and Giant Pink, and as the most promising contenders on the show, the latter team took an easy win with 211 to 94 points despite Giant Pink fudging up her lines. 

AshB, Grace, Yook Ji Dam, and Yuna Kim, who were the losers of the diss battle, had to fight for their survival. Though all four gave it their all, Yuna Kim and Grace were permanently eliminated. 

For the collaboration stage, the winning teams from the diss battle earned the opportunity to perform with guest judges C Jamm and Black Nut. Jeon So Yeon and Nada performed with C Jamm while Miryo and Giant Pink stood on stage with Black Nut. Both teams put on a near perfect performance, completely at ease and full of energy! 

Following the collaboration stages, Nada and Giant Pink were the ultimate contenders for the seventh track, and the two butted heads in a solo battle. Though Giant Pink's tight flow managed to impress Swings, her frayed nerves got the best of her, resulting in a win for Nada.  

For the final one on one battle to determine who will move on to the semifinal round, it was Jeon So Yeon against Miryo, Nada against AshB, and Giant Pink against Yook Ji Dam. In the end, it was Jeon So Yeon and AshB who got to move on to the semifinals, and Nada and Miryo were permanently eliminated. 




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    federick 10 days ago

    Jon SeonYoon!

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    nami_chan 11 days ago

    Isn't ashB from the same company of fraudy?so for me it was obvious she would be in the semifinal. Anyway, I think miryo and nada should have won but whatever. I hope jidam win and not giantpink, she always forget her lyrics so for ME she doesn't deserve to be there.

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    1llionaire 11 days ago

    Wasn't there an article last week saying that Nada won the seventh track? Can the author do some research instead simply writing mindlessly to meet their daily quota? This site is becoming more and more amateurish. Hire me akp, and I will make sure misinformation and mistranslations no longer occur.

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