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[Pop Quiz] Which of Cinderella's four knights is meant for you?

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How do you like your cookies?

  • Crispy

  • I don't eat cookies

  • Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside

  • Soft

You like guys in...

  • cozy cardigans

  • leather jackets

  • classy suits

  • simple tees

You like girls in…

  • denim jackets

  • flirty rompers

  • pencil skirts

  • bodycon dresses

Where and when would you like to eat?

  • a classy, luxurious restaurant for dinner

  • a pretty outdoor patio for brunch

  • a home-cooked dinner while doing work or relaxing

  • a homey dive for a filling lunch

What would you like to drink?

  • something carbonated!

  • just water, please

  • coffeeeeeeeeee

  • a refreshing smoothie

  • [Pop Quiz] Which of Cinderella's four knights is meant for you?

    Kang Ji Woon

    You're meant to be with Kang Ji Woon! He's a simple man who suddenly finds himself in luxury after a lifetime of hardships but doesn't like it; he wants to go back to what he already knows. You're drawn to how simple his mind is but how complicated his heart is. He's a complex man, tough on the outside but soft on the inside, and you'd like to help him figure out his life. You two would make a sweet and cute pair!
  • [Pop Quiz] Which of Cinderella's four knights is meant for you?

    Kang Hyun Min

    You're meant to be with Kang Hyun Min! He's the typical spoiled and arrogant playboy with a bad rep, but you're drawn to him because you know that inside, he can truly be a sincere person who will love you no matter what. Full of passion and confidence, he will make sure you have a fun, fiery, and sincere whirlwind of a romance. You like how he's straightforward and goes for what he wants, and you need that force in your life.
  • [Pop Quiz] Which of Cinderella's four knights is meant for you?

    Kang Seo Woo

    You're meant to be with Kang Seo Woo! He's a sensitive and gentle musician in whom you can confide and on whom you can rely. He's a gentle and playful soul, sweet to the max, who will always stay by your side to give you comfort and support. Romantic, as well, he will always have amazing dates planned out, always ending with a gentle serenade that will make you feel like one lucky lady/man; you need that pampering in your life!
  • [Pop Quiz] Which of Cinderella's four knights is meant for you?

    Lee Yoon Sung

    You're meant to be with Lee Yoon Sung! This straight-edged bodyguard may seem hard to approach with his whole stoic demeanor going on, but he's actually a sweetheart who melts around you and you feel protected around him - like he's a solid wall you can lean on. He'll always be there for you and put your needs before his; additionally, he has a set of morals and rules that he goes by and you need that guidance in your life. You're drawn to his loyalty and dedication, both great qualities for a relationship!





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    Mavane 15 days ago

    I wanted YoonSung cause he's so sexy, but anyway I would be please w/ any of them really.So I love you JiWoon-ah

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    Mavane 15 days ago


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    bri_dlh 16 days ago

    Kang Seo Woo! He honestly is my favorite on the show...

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    teleri 16 days ago

    And, Jung Il Woo.  As it should be LOL

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