Netizen blasted after trying to argue that Red Velvet's concept for 'Russian Roulette' is Lolita

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A netizen is hard pressed in trying to convince everyone that Red Velvet's concept in "Russian Roulette" is Lolita-themed. 

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Under an online community post titled 'Red Velvet swept up in controversy with their Lolita-themed elements,' the netizen shares a bunch of captures from the group's latest MV and other "proofs" to make the argument that Red Velvet's concept is Lolita. 

These proofs are as follows:

1. "A space reminiscent of a school environment, the cliche vault props and 'Bulma' outfits"

2."The blank expression, hand position, childlike attire, and the downward angle

3. "Children's wear on Irene

("Here, Irene is seen holding up a doll")

"The fact that children's wear is what pops up when you search Irene's image on Google..!^^"

4. "The album photos" 

("The Lolita-esque poses of raising your legs in a skirt") 

"Photos that solely emphasize the legs in Lolita books" 

5. "Angle that draws your eyes to the legs of Irene who is wearing short skirt" 

Despite these proofs, it seems people are not so convinced. Many were skeptical and derisive, leaving snarky comments on the post. They wrote,  "According to the OP's logic, G-Friend must be Lolita, too, since they wore gym clothes; Orange Caramel must be also Lolita since they wore princess-like flared skirts while holding up dolls; Lovelyz have to be Lolita since they also emphasized their legs on their album; Girl's Day only wore swimsuits so they must be Lolita; man, it must be soooo hard to look for a group without a Lolita concept."

"Wait what, how are those children's clothes lmaoo. Those pieces are clothing for adults sold on 'Gucci'? So if they wear it in a princess-like fashion, it's automatically 'Lolita'?

"Just what kind of thoughts are going through your head that you'd think gym clothes are 'Lolita.' And those clothes are for adults that are for sale on 'Gucci'; I think your thoughts are too wrapped up in Lolita^^ Thanks for reminding me that there are dumbasses in this world.

"Sighhhhhhhh OP, please go die choking on some food.

"hahahahahahaha how do you live your life? hahahaha I've got pants like that, so am I Lolita, too? hahahahaha you must be so twisted, tsk.

"You've written such bullshit so sincerely," and more. 




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monaco Thursday, September 8, 2016

So funny to see netizens trolling on other netizens.

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ButabutaBingo Thursday, September 8, 2016

hmm interesting. I read the whole article very carefully, but I have one question. What the ef is lolita??? ( too lazy to google, someone please halp mee) :3

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2007questa ButabutaBingo Thursday, September 8, 2016

something like interest in little kids..

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emanresu10 ButabutaBingo Thursday, September 8, 2016

Lolita is a 1955 novel by Russian novelist Vladimir Nabokov in which a middle-aged man becomes sexually infatuated with a 12 year old girl. The man is obsessed with her and holds her as the object of his sexual fantasies, referring to the young girl as his "Lolita". Following the book's publication, the term has since been adapted to refer to the concept of a young, sexually precocious girl who is or has the appearance of being pubescent or under the age of consent. It has been used in porn and other media as a categorization for the sexualization of young looking girls or alternatively the celebration of a youthful, innocent aesthetic. In kpop specifically, it has come to mean a group/idol who acts/dresses in a youthful manner (resembling a child).

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Muniques Thursday, September 8, 2016

I think the theme is "Back stabbing friend"

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