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Sanchez complains about 'Show Me the Money 5's 'demonic editing' + 'SMTM5' responds

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Sanchez voiced his feeling about 'Show Me the Money 5'.

In episode 6, Sanchez was apparently edited to make it look like he had made a mistake, when he actually had not. Even worse, the show made it seem like he didn't want to go along with the producers and changed it to his own way.

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Sanchez had written, "It didn't show up on the show, but two days before our mission, the producers said I had to completely redo the lyrics. We chose the beat by talking back and forth, and that all got edited out and I'm sad because it looked like I forced everything."

Later, Sanchez posted on his Instagram and wrote, "I have a weak heart, so I just watched the full version...You can't say that I stuttered, and I caught the beat back within a margin of error. (I thought maybe they played the recorded version, so I checked multiple times). I want to ask Gil hyungnim what part he thought was so wrong that he asked me that question that he unfairly made to be a mistake. If you disqualified me not because of the mistake, but because of something else, I don't have anything to say. But I'm a little flustered... ㅜ I didn't want to make a controversy, and I even conceded to Mnet when they called me and asked me to delete everything on my SNS. I'm angry at myself for watching this full video. I believe the producer was being cruel when he asked me that question. That is it. #ShameOnThem #Scapegoat #NeverStuttered #ForJustice #PleaseSpread ".

However, he's now deleted the post and written instead, "Hello, this is Sanchez. I thank everyone who followed my SNS and read my post. But I unintentionally created a large controversy, and I am posting again. After watching yesterday's post, I was a little disappointed by the flow, so I wrote an explanation that wasn't an explanation. But then did think of something else. I wished that more speculations would not arise from my words. In any case, 'SMTM' is a program I'm grateful to, and I don't want to hurt anyone. I was lacking, and I am disappointed because I could have handled it more wisely. I will get more mature and grow more, as my bright side, my worrying side, and my competing side have all come out. I'm the most thankful and sorry to my fans."

Mnet said, "There was nothing twisted. We have a limited amount of broadcast time, so we can't put in everything. We didn't aim to make Sanchez look bad. The producers were all supporting him at the time. We had no intention to make his actions bad."

Check out the edited and the full version below! What do you think?

Edited version:

Full version:




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    propanda Monday, June 27, 2016

    They did make him look bad during change of song. They made it look like he was demanding it and acting rude towards producers.

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    Y_K Monday, June 27, 2016

    Well ... nothing to be surprised of. Mnet is always making 'drama'

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    daFoolio Tuesday, June 21, 2016

    i believe him... wow... he must've gotten a HUGE slap on the wrist... his 2nd post is all... yessir... MNET did nothing wrong sir...

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