Netizen provides arguments that BTS didn't copy SHINee

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Following the recent accusations that BTS copied SHINee's past concepts for their 'Young Forever' comeback, many netizens have argued otherwise, implying that the fashion and concepts aren't something that is unique to these two groups alone. 

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Under an online post titled 'Response to BTS's plagiarism,' one netizen wrote a lengthy argument and uploaded various screen captures. Though the OP never stated outright that the concept is common, the writing and the captures support the stance that the concepts and fashion used by BTS and SHINee are actually quite prevalent in K-Pop. 

One of the captures showed the points made by a Shawol regarding SHINee's past 'camping concept.' The Shawol wrote: 

"1. SHINee's first picture was a teaser that was uploaded on Japanese mobile sites. The teaser is at an angle that is commonly used overseas. There is indeed a hot air balloon in the MV.

2. Second, the part where they point to the sky is a capture from SHINee's MV making clip. The Korean version of 'Lucky Star' contains an MV making clip. It's not a capture from the MV.

3. That automobile is a camping trailer or a camping car. It looks like SHINee and BTS both used foreign camping concepts, and I think a camping car is common to camping concepts. For SHINee, it's an MV capture, but instead of sitting in front of the camping care like BTS, SHINee dashes out of the camping car.

4. The campfire--this is also not a capture from SHINee's MV. There is a limited monthly magazine called Shawol-J for subscribed Japanese fans, and that's where the picture is from. An international fan had used Tumblr to make it black and white and edited it to include the stars. It's not int the MV, the making film, or the album.

5. The last picture where they're lying down just seems forced haha...Minho is lying on a hammock. It's like a bed they use overseas when they go camping. He's not sleeping on a sofa.

In conclusion: They're both camping concepts and it's difficult to call it plagiarism." 

The OP also added, "There are people who insist that [BTS] copied [SHINee] so I'm adding this. The above picture is a collaboration with 'Gucci' from their collection and the SUGA picture below is from a BTS pictorial; SUGA had styled his hair using various colors and styles for a pictorial, and [that picture] just so happens to show one of those styles. Additionally, from what I understand, Key isn't the only one who used a hairband and a hairstyle with multiple colors. You say that the clothes are the same for the pictures in the middle, but other idols have worn it, and it's a brand that male idols wear often (I'm sorry about bringing another idol into this. I'm not trying to point any fingers.)

The OP further wrote, "Regarding Key's clothes, there are people who said Key set the trend and argued that it doesn't become common just because other idols wore it, so I add this. First and foremost, I never specifically expressed anywhere in my original post that SHINee's concept and clothes are common. In addition, it's true that SHINee members and Key set the trend and are on the forefront of fashion. But I don't think it's right to express the wearing of trendy clothes or following the trend as copying; that's why I added an example of another person wearing it. But it's an outfit that Key prepared himself and I overlooked the fact that fans could be offended, and I apologize for that. I'm sorry.




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asfwoozi Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I absolutely don't get why copying someone's clothing is plagiarism?

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Butterfly145 Saturday, May 7, 2016

Like I doubt SHINee fans even care about this like honestly I think people are just stupid nowadays. What is wrong with people these days

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donthatethem17 Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Why do neztizen even care? Do they have friends? or they just live in a dark place hiding and spicing our oppas? Or maybe they just doing that to have friends!?

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