What does Binnie want to do once all Oh My Girl members are legally adults?

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Oh My Girl had an interview shared by Sports World today!  During the interview, Binnie talked about becoming legally an adult in South Korea (turning 20 there) and what she wants to do once all of the members are adults.

She said, "I became twenty this year, but nothing has changed as of yet.  I have not drunk a single cup of that common alcohol.  The CEO told us that he'd give us an opportunity to all drink a glass together on the day every Oh My Girl member, including [maknae] Arin, become twenty.  I am waiting for that moment."

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She was asked what she wanted all of Oh My Girl to do once they all become twenty, and Binnie said, "I want to go on a vacation with the Oh My Girl members.  I'm fine with train trips and I think even the members personally driving to see every nook and cranny could be a fun experience.  I want to try new things when I become an adult.  I would like for that time to come as quickly as possible, yet I don't want to quickly become older."

Seunghee added, "There are members who have their driver license in Oh My Girl.  I have it, and Hyojung does, too."  Mimi added, "Until the day Arin becomes an adult, I will diligently practice driving.  I think it'd be quite fun to go on vacation with me personally driving the car."

Hope you have fun, girls!




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    Exo_Leia Tuesday, April 26, 2016

    Awww, I never really got into them, even though I love their music, but now I want to! Must go watch shows with Oh My Girl in it and learn all the members besides YooA, Binnie, and Mimi

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    LovelySerenity Tuesday, April 26, 2016

    Binnie and the girls are Closer (get it? XD) to their dreams!

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    KpopPRs Tuesday, April 26, 2016

    Wow a girl after my own heart, she wants to get cocked once they all turn 20. Drink up, kampai.

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