Hong Kong media report that Girls' Generation's YoonA & Taeyeon got drunk at a club is false?

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Hong Kong media outlet Apple Daily has reported that Girls' Generation members YoonA and Taeyeon partied late into the night at a night show club in the popular Lan Kwai Fong district of central Hong Kong. Apple Daily reports that Taeyeon staggered into a back alley full of garbage, presumably drunk.

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The media outlet spotted Taeyeon falling down and stumbling to get back on her feet, providing photos and video as proof.

The girls are currently in Hong Kong for their 'Girls' Generation World Tour Girls & Peace'.

However, it appears this report may not be true and instead of Taeyeon and YoonA, the girls in question are said to be friends of "Mr. K".

Mr. K is Tyler Kwon, who was in the news back in May as being a good friend of Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon. He took to his own Weibo to clear up the issue and wrote,

"Happy Bday my favorite baby cousin! Was fun having you in HK (despite that one night), turns out you're famous here now. People think you're Taeyeon and your friend is Yoona~! Lol [哈哈] Anyway, hope you had a safe flight back, say hi to everyone back home for me!"

He also attached the following photo of a girl who was most likely mistaken for being Taeyeon.

Images by Apple Daily:

Source & Image(s): Apple Daily, Tyler Kwon's Weibo




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songainlover Friday, May 9, 2014

Gosh, so relieved...

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lady_love Sunday, March 23, 2014

And if they got drunk who cares. I mean it's not them but they are old enough to drink and do as they please. ;

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aegyojewels Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Netizen Buzz comments:
1. [ 522, -28] It's not Yoona and Taeyeon but a Hong Kong star Tyler Kwon's niece and her friend. It was a misreport, how could you think of reporting gossip?

2. [ 428, -26] This is the same media outlet that spread rumors about Yoona and Psy. The damn Chinese are always releasing trashy articles. SNSD doesn't even have time to go to clubs because they're so busy with their concert. What's the point of reporting on something that's already been done and over with in Hong Kong? Tsk tsk

3. [ 398, -22] A Chinese star already clarified this that it's his dongseng. Chinese and their rumors..

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