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Announcer Yoon Young Mi's comments about 2YOON spark criticism

February 8, 2013 @ 9:33 pm
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Announcer Yoon Young Mi's comments about 2YOON has sparked some criticism.

On the 6th, the announcer posted a selca with the 2YOON members onto her Twitter and wrote, "The two 4minute members that starred with me on KBS' 'Vitamin'... I don't remember their names ㅠㅠ".

Her comment that she couldn't remember their names shocked the fans of 2YOON, who mostly admitted that while it was okay for her not to know their names, it was very rude for her to publicly state so on Twitter.

An upset fan commented, "Even so, you recorded an episode with them, and even took a selca with them. It's not very professional to say you don't know their names. You shouldn't have uploaded this picture..", to which she replied, "I do as I please". Another upset 2YOON fan stated, "It's okay to not know their names, but if you are uploading on Twitter next time, please at least conduct some simple research such as a search. I'm a little upset as a fan. They are Gayoon and Jiyoon of the 4minute subunit, 2YOON."

She was bombarded with various other criticism, most of which couldn't believe she had recorded a variety show and even took selcas that she publicly shared, but didn't have the courtesy to even remember their names. Many of the common complaints included, "How do you think 2YOON feels when they saw this?", "That was very rude of you", and "You can't just say 'I forgot' as an excuse. How would you feel if the situations were reversed?"

What do you think about the situation?

Source: Yoon Young Mi's Twitter



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