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IU previews songs from her upcoming album through Aion's 'IU's Live Party'

January 28, 2013 @ 10:37 pm
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IU revealed snippets of her upcoming songs through Aion's 'IU's Live Party'.

The concert was broadcast live through the Aion game and started at 9PM KST on the 27th. Gamers were able to log into their characters and watch the concert through a video board in the game. Fans could also watch the concert through a livestream on YouTube.

Around 400 players were allowed into the designated in-game concert arena per server, and about 17,000 Aion players in all watched the concert. IU's in-game character also performed various songs on the in-game stage. She sang songs such as "Good Day", "You and I", and "Every End of the Day", and even sang a serenade in a lovely tone for fans.

She also sang snippets of her self-composed songs that will be included in her upcoming album, joking, "I'm not allowed to sing these, but I'm mad today at LOEN". However, after she sang the song, she said, "Oh no. This is bad. I sang for too long. What do I do? This is so bad", causing fans to laugh at her trademark cuteness.

Check out the songs below.

First song begins around the 2:56 mark.

Second song preview:

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