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Dance crew Prepix releases "When I Get Paid" (ft. Yoseob) + 'Look to Listen' album

January 8, 2013 @ 3:40 am
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Dance crew Prepix, who is known for releasing their own tracks with the help of some of your favorite idols, has unleashed their newest project, 3rd album 'Look to Listen'.

The crew has unveiled three tracks and two instrumentals, including the title track, "When I Get Paid" with the help of B2ST's Yoseob!

The song sings of wanting to do everything for a girl the man loves, once he gets paid. The music video is of Prepix's usual creative style, and will be released shortly.

But for now, check out the tracks below!

When I Get Paid (ft. Yoseob)

Skillz (ft. Minos, Nucks, Swings, Beenzino)

Get Down (ft. DJ Wegun)

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