Boyfriend to transform into a band for 'Hello Baby'

January 25, 2013 @ 2:41 am
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Boyfriend will be transforming into a band on the upcoming episode of 'Hello Baby'!

On the episode that will be broadcast on the 25th, Boyfriend will be teaming up with the KBS 2TV 'Top Band' winners TOXIC to learn more about becoming a band. The members will be performing children's songs for the babies they are taking care of on the program to create even more special memories.

Donghyun will be on the keyboard, Minwoo will be on the drums, Jeongmin on the guitar, and the rest as vocal and rap. The members will also have a 3-on-3 freestyle dance battle to TOXIC's music. Leader Donghyun's dance is said to have especially brought about laughter on set.

The episode will air on January 25th, 11PM KST, so stay tuned!

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