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Baek Ji Young to hold her first solo concert in 7 years in February

January 2, 2013 @ 12:14 am
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Baek Ji Young will be having her first solo concert in 7 years!

The concert, 'An Outing After 7 Years', will be held on February 16th and like the name, this will be her first live concert since 2006!

At the concert, she will be performing various hit song such as "Good Boy" as well as the new song that she will be releasing on January 3rd that she has worked on with renowned pianist Yiruma, making it one that fans of both are eagerly anticipating.

WS Entertainment said, "After her Seoul concert, we're also planning a tour concert where she will visit all the main cities".

Remember to stay tuned for the release of her new track on January 3rd!

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