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X-5 leaves Open World Entertainment + member Ghun enlists into military

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Boy group X-5, who made their debut in 2011, is said to have ended their contracts with their agency, Open World Entertainment.

A source close to the group revealed on the 5th that "all the members of X-5 were released from their contracts 2~3 months ago without any conditions."

The group debuted with their album 'Xenos' last year and caught attention with their stage manners and their impressive tall heights as the tallest boy group in the industry. Since then the group had been promoting going back and forth between Korea, Japan, and China.

However, with the Open World Entertainment CEO's crimes of sexual assault against female trainees coming to light, the boys had no choice but to stop their activities.

While the group was on hiatus, it turns out leader Ghun has enlisted in the army. According to the source, Ghun is said to have quietly enlisted on December 4th to begin his two years of service.

The source stated, "Last week, before Ghun left, he said his farewells to those around him. With his heart feeling perplexed with the events that have taken place, he wanted to get the issue of military service over with."

Thus, the future of X-5 is currently uncertain. On the issue of breaking up, the source commented, "It's a little too early to comment about that."

"The members and their parents are thinking towards the direction of having them continue to all promote together... Their former agency has also allowed them to continue using their group name," the source added.

Source: Star News
Image: Osen

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    knoc0ut Tuesday, October 15, 2013

    It's too bad they didn't actually all stay together...

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