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Which idols have the same name?

The latest buzz on the internet has centered around idols who have the same name. Photos documenting idols who share the same legal name surfaced …

   Friday, October 12, 2012   187,805   0   0


New Videos of F.T Island Jonghun's Scandal!

The much anticipated first episode of Mnet Scandal featuring F.T Island's pretty boy, Jonghun has finally aired. Jonghun's date was introduced to h…

   Friday, September 11, 2009   6,130   0   0


F.T Island's Jonghun shows Jaebeom support?

Even though F.T Island's Jonghun almost broke my heart with the pictures from his upcoming Mnet Scandal, he mended it up with his updated Cyworld. …

   Monday, September 7, 2009   4,580   0   0


Next MNet Scandal Idol Revealed, and It's....

VIPs.... Cassiopeians... Hottests... Don't worry, you guys & gals are safe (for now)! Primadonnas on the other hand, grab your pitchforks and machin…

   Sunday, September 6, 2009   6,409   44,589   0