SECRET's Zinger readmitted to the hospital for further care

December 17, 2012 @ 12:12 am
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After suffering severe injuries in a car accident earlier this week, SECRET's Zinger has been readmitted to the hospital for further care and treatment following her discharge two days ago.

"She is recovering her health, but to thoroughly ensure her safety, we have checked her into an Oriental hospital," TS Entertainment stated. "Although we are hopeful that she will be attending the year-end festivals, if it is thought to be too much, we will change our decision."

After being discharged from the general hospital on the 15th, Zinger spent the weekend with her parents before being readmitted to the Oriental hospital on the 17th for further, ongoing treatment.

We wish Zinger well, and hope that she receives all the necessary treatment for a full and complete recovery.

Source: Sports DongA via Naver

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