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Nine Muses to make comeback in January + rumors of member change

December 18, 2012 @ 3:09 pm
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'Model idols' Nine Muses will be making a comeback in January of 2013.

The girls have finished recording most of the songs on their upcoming album, which is currently undergoing post-production. Nine Muses' title track has been revealed to be produced by Sweetune, who's worked with the group since their song "Figaro".

The upcoming album will mark almost a year since Nine Muses promoted their song "Ticket" last March. The members are reported to have performed at events and finished individual schedules in the meantime.

What's particularly interesting is the rumor of a member change. After a photo of an event promotion was spread online, fans noticed that some members were not present. Nine Muses is also rumored to be planning to promote as a full 9-member team once again.

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