Jung Hyung Don's "amazing" singing skills from HaHa and Byul's wedding revealed

December 9, 2012 @ 4:20 pm
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Jung Hyung Don showed off the crazy power of his vocal chords.

On the December 8th episode of MBC's 'Infinity Challenge,' the first part of the show showed some footage of HaHa and Byul's wedding.  During the wedding, the 'Infinity Challenge' members sang 'Love's Vow' as a congratulatory wedding song.

Before the song even began, Jung Hyung Don started of nasally and during his part when he had to sing, "We have to walk together.." he put in his signature vibration.  Hearing this, the other members could not hold in their laughter and the happy couple themselves burst out laughing.

Netizens who watched the episode commented, "Jung Hyung Don has crazy vocal chords", "They will never forget this congratulatory song", and "I want to applaud Jung Hyung Don's courage."

Check out the full episode below (you can watch Jung Hyung Don's "performance" at the very beginning of the episode).

Source: Kyungjae Today via Nate News

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