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Jay Park to be a commentator for broadcast of B-boy event, '2012 Red Bull BC One'

December 7, 2012 @ 1:23 am
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Jay Park will be a commentator for the '2012 Red Bull BC One'.

The sports channel KBS N Sports will be broadcasting the B-boy contest on the 9th. It is one of the 4 big B-boy competitions in the world, and is unique in that it conducted as a battle style. 16 B-boys from all around the world, including 3 Koreans, will be participating in the contest.

Jay Park, along with KBS N announcer Kim Ki Woong and dancer Woo Jung Hoon will be commenting for the Korean viewers through the broadcast.

KBS N Sports commented, "KBS N Sports have aired many B-boy competitions to increase the B-boy culture in Korea. We will continue to live broadcast may competitions that young viewers like watching."

Source: Maeil Economy via Nate

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