Christmas greetings to allkpop fans from CHI CHI

December 24, 2012 @ 8:58 am
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Christmas is right around the corner and allkpop received some stocking stuffers in the form of special greeting videos for our fans!

Today's greeting is from none other than CHI CHI, who wanted to greet the allkpop community with their messages for this holiday season! CHI CHI is currently busy promoting "Love is Energy" in Japan. The addicting melody and the mesmerizing "Hand Blender" dance caught the attention of viewers, putting the group in the spotlight back in September.

Check out the video message below, and we wish everyone a happy holidays!

Oh, and don't forget about about allkpop's 4th Annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway sponsored by J.ESTINA!

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[12/15] M.I.B's Greeting

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[12/17] Crispi Crunch's Holiday Greeting

[12/18] Ailee's Holiday Greeting

[12/19] B.A.P's Holiday Greeting

[12/20] Jevice's Holiday Greeting

[12/21] 2PM's Holiday Greeting

[12/22] SECRET's Holiday Greeting

[12/23] Sori's Holiday Greeting

[12/23] Jay Park's Holiday Greeting

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